Pancake Day 煎饼节
Pancake Day 煎饼节
British people enjoy a variety of pancake fillings
What is Pancake Day 闲谈煎饼节?

Pancake 煎饼 Day, which is also called Shrove Tuesday, is a fun festival 节日 when we eat pancakes. It started hundreds of years ago, from the need to eat up 吃光 milk, butter and eggs before the 40 day religious fast 禁食 which happens traditionally 传统地 before Easter (a festival celebrating the beginning of Christianity 基督教). For most people today, it's not a religious festival, and people just enjoy eating lots of pancakes and having fun.

Making Pancakes

Pancakes are very easy to make and the ingredients 成分 are very basic. Why don't you try with our special BBC Learning English recipe 配方?

Ingredients 成分:

150g flour
300ml milk
2 tablespoons 大汤匙 oil
2 eggs
a pinch 一小撮 of salt

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What's your favourite pancake filling 馅?

With our recipe you can make a basic pancake, but different people like eating their pancakes in a different way. What do these people like? There is a list of language below to help you understand and talk about your favourite pancake fillings.

Pancake Fillings

Here's some language to help you:

favourite - 特别喜爱的
to melt - 融化
it's hard to beat - 无与伦比
syrup - 糖漿
bananas - 香蕉
cream - 奶油
honey - 蜂蜜
strawberry jam - 草霉酱
lemon juice - 柠檬汁
sugar - 糖
dark chocolate - 黑巧克力
milk chocolate - 奶油巧克力
marshmallows - 棉花糖
leek - 韭葱
bacon - 咸肉
cheese - 奶酪
peanuts - 花生
spinach - 菠菜

What would your favourite pancake filling be?

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