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Comfrey Tonic


Comfrey Tonic

Comfrey Tonic

Make a Comfrey Tonic medicine for your seedlings.

What to do:

Step 1

Putting gardening gloves on

Put your gardening gloves on. It is also a good idea to wear something with long sleeves such as a jumper or coat because the Comfrey Tonic is a skin irritant.

Step 2

Bucket of water

Fill your bucket half way with water.

Step 3

Adding leaves to the bucket

Pick lots of leaves off of your comfrey plant and add to the bucket of water. Once you have enough leaves in the bucket, drop something heavy in the water such as a brick to weigh the leaves the down.

Step 4

Leaves in the bucket

Place the plant mixture in Compo! Don’t have your own Compo? You’ll need to leave it to set for a month.

Step 5

Spray bottles

After a month, dilute your comfrey tonic with at least equal parts water and then put into a spray bottle and you’re ready to spray the leaves with your plant medicine.

60 minutes This should take about 60 mins

You will need:

  • comfrey plant
  • bucket
  • water
  • gardening gloves
  • spray bottle
  • something heavy (e.g. stones/rocks a brick)

Remember to ask a Grown-up for help.