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Character Models


Character Models

The characters from In The Night Garden

Make the characters from In the Night Garden.

What to do:

Step 1

Tombliboo model

Get someone to cut off the middle finger of an old glove. Then stuff cotton wool into the smallest finger and the thumb. You also need a sock, preferably white. Put in a ball roughly the size of a tennis ball. Then pull the rest of the sock through the hole you've made in the glove and stretch it over a cardboard tube. Pop the two middle fingers into the hole made earlier but leave the stuffed fingers to become the arms of a Tombliboo.

Step 2

Blue wool tie at the ends

You need lots of blue wool to make Igglepiggle. Wrap the wool around a big book. Keep going until you have a good pinch worth in your hand. Ask a grown-up to cut one end and slide the wool off very careful. Tie the wool in three places to create three equal sections - one at the end and two in the middle. Then separate the free dangling wool into legs. Tie at the end to make feet.

Step 3

Igglepiggle model image

Using a small book, wrap some more wool around to make a bundle. Cut as before and tie at each end and in the middle. Poke it through the middle of your Igglepiggle to make his arms. Stick on paper eyes and draw a small mouth to make a face. Add red felt for hair.

Step 4

Makka Pakka model image

To make Makka Pakka, you need one big pebble for the body, a medium-sized one for a head and lots of even smaller pebbles for legs and arms. Stick three little pebbles on top of each other with modelling dough to make his legs. Put the big pebble on top to make his body. Stick pebbles to each side of the body to make arms. Put the medium-sized pebble on top of the body to make his head. Use modelling dough to make eyes and a nose. To complete Makka Pakka stick little stones to the top and sides of his head.

Step 5

Haahoo model image

Use some balloons to make a Haahoo - they bounce and float around like Haahoos. Cut some squares from purple cards and stick them together on their side to become diamond shaped. Stick onto the side of a blue balloon. Then stick on some eyes made from white oval pieces of paper. Draw on a big, friendly smile.

Step 6

Haahoo model image

Get a purple balloon to make another Haahoo. Cut out some yellow flowers and stick onto the balloon. Put on another pair of paper eyes and draw another smiley face! Now you can make Upsy Daisy's skirt. You will need a cardboard tube. Place a pink funnel on top of the cardboard tube to make a skirt. Add some felt in the shape of daisy petals to finish the skirt.

Step 7

Upsy Daisy model image

Ask an adult to cut the middle finger off another old glove, preferably brown. Put a small ball inside a sock to make a head and poke that through the hole in the glove. Pull it right the way through, as you did with the Tombliboos sock and glove. Push a piece of cardboard tubing all the way down the sock to meet Upsy Daisy's head. Tuck the extra fingers back into the hole at the base of the head. As before, the outer finger and thumb make the arms. Place Upsy Daisy on top of the funnel and cardboard tube stand. Finally, make Upsy Daisy's hair with pipe cleaners and stick on top of her head.

60 minutes This should take about 60 mins

You will need:

  • Old gloves
  • A white and brown sock
  • Balls about the size of a tennis ball
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Blue wool
  • Paper
  • Yellow and pink pipe cleaners
  • Black pen or pencil
  • Red and white felt
  • A funnel
  • Some balloons (blue and purple)
  • Coloured paper including purple and yellow
  • Glue
  • Modelling dough
  • Pebbles

Remember to ask a Grown-up for help.