ZingZillas is a music show set on a tropical island where everyone joins in to create ZingZilla music magic. With musical influences spanning the globe from rock to soul, jazz to samba, big band to orchestra, ZingZillas will get its young viewers jumping, swaying and trilling to music from the world over.

Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum are music sensation ZingZillas. On their island paradise, this band of primate friends live to play fantastic music. With the help of their mentor, music guru DJ Loose, they create their unique ZingZilla sound just in time for their daily performance, The Big Zing.

As well as these regular island dwellers, the island is visited in every episode by a different musical guest. Ranging from opera singer Sarah Connolly and a full concert orchestra to the jazzy scatting of Dame Cleo Laine, and from dance numbers by Jugnu Bhangra to cool slap bass riffs by Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender - to mention but a few. The ZingZillas always discover their musical guests in a lush jungle glade which pulsates with music. They take inspiration from the guests and incorporate them and their sounds into The Big Zing.

The educational value of the show

ZingZillas helps your child to:

  • Understand where music comes from and how it is made (using different instruments) - and to be inspired to make music themselves.
  • Understand the concept of taking turns and caring for others.
  • Think of ways to solve problems when collaborating with others.

Read about the characters

The ZingZillas

Zak has a positive attitude. He is serious, confident and likes taking risks.

Panzee is feminine and loves dressing up. She is sensitive, fun and always ready to try something new.

Tang thinks creatively and is never afraid of asking for help when he doesn't know the answer.

Drum is very young at heart. She loves exploring sounds and enjoys making rhythms and noise. She is very sensitive to the mood of music.

Todd is the father figure. Helpful, inventive, accident-prone and loveable.

DJ Loose is very knowing and loves to share his wealth of experience and great ideas with the other ZingZillas.

The Moaning Stones are often used to aid understanding of the story and are also in charge of the Coconuts.

The Beach Byrds bring a humorous, scatty feel to the Beach Hut.

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