Learn more about emotions and friendship as the playful Piplings welcome us to the tranquil, happy land of Nara.


Waybuloo is unique in its exploration of emotions and relationships, taking children on a journey through stories of co-operation, friendship and enjoyment.

Waybuloo takes place in the world of Nara - a land of happiness, laughter and friendship that's home to the Piplings.

The four Piplings are happy, loving and caring creatures that are inquisitive and playful. Yojojo is full of fun, he's mischievous and loves surprises. Lau Lau is creative and thrives when she's dancing or painting. Nok Tok is practical and inventive, he's happiest when he's making things. De Li is thoughtful, caring and loves gardening.

When the Piplings experience pure happiness they achieve 'Buloo' and rise gently into the air.

The Piplings practice Yogo, a gentle form of exercise which is similar to yoga. The movements are often inspired by things that the Piplings see in Nara like birds, trees and Narabugs.

The 'Call to Yogo' happens when the sunlight shines on the coloured crystals of the ancient Yogo machine - it starts to turn and makes a beautiful sound. When the Piplings hear this sound they stop what they're doing and meet in front of the Yogo machine.

Lau Lau, De Li, Nok Tok and Yojojo do four Yogo poses at the beginning of each programme and later when the Cheebies (children) come to Nara, the Piplings and Cheebies repeat the poses together.

You can try some of the Yogo poses with your children, by downloading the Yogo activity sheet which can be found by clicking the link on the top right of this page. Please remember to read the important safety instructions at the bottom of the sheet before you begin.

Waybuloo blends together the magic of computer-generated animation with live-action footage of children in the vast world of Nara.

Together the Piplings and the audience learn how to relate to friends and the world around them.

The educational value of the show

Waybuloo helps children to:

  • Learn how to relate to friends and the world around them.

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Yojojo, the monkey-like Pipling, represents happiness. He is funny, clumsy and cheeky and the youngest of the group. He is toddler-like, learning through mistakes and always falling over. Yojojo loves to play his handmade Pipling pipes, banjojo and drums.

Lau Lau

The rabbit-like Pipling, Lau Lau represents imagination. Her imagination feeds her love of creativity. Lau Lau loves to paint and sculpt. She loves textures and sparkly and glittery things. The most spiritual of the Piplings, Lau Lau is calm, insightful, particularly floaty and is the best at Yogo!

De Li

De Li is the kitten-like Pipling who represents love. She is warm, fuzzy and affectionate. Although she is a little shy, she happens to be the most nurturing Pipling. De Li's nurturing instinct reveals itself in a love of nature, gardening and gathering food for the group.

Nok Tok

Nok Tok is the bear-like Pipling who represents wisdom. He loves to solve problems and always comes up with inventive solutions. He is thoughtful, practical and very determined. Nok Tok loves a challenge and loves to mend and build things in his workshop.

Learning areas

  • Emotions & behaviour

  • Physical development

  • Communicating


Age suitability

Toddler, Pre-school

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