Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling and ducklings in nest

Join Mr Bloom and Northern Ballet as they embark on a wildlife adventure, bringing the story of The Ugly Duckling to life through a combination of storytelling and dance.

The much-loved fairytale tells the story of a baby bird who isn't sure what kind of creature she is when she's born. Along the way, she encounters frogs, cats and even a fox before she realises that she is in fact a swan!

Mr Bloom will be joined on stage by some of his Tiddlers, and their story will be interspersed with dance sequences performed by members of Northern Ballet, who will encourage the audience to join in at home with the dancing and animal movements.

The programme is designed to introduce children to the concept of telling a story through dance, and to get little ones interested in ballet.

The Ugly Duckling was filmed at Bradford's Alhambra Theatre, and the programme will go out over the Easter weekend. We'll have lots of clips on the CBeebies website so that children can get familiar with the dance moves, as well as an interactive story, and a game for desktop and mobile.

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