Join in the fun with Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake as they share stories, sing songs and enjoy lots of imaginative play.


The Tweenies - Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake - are four young friends who attend a playgroup together. They are looked after by Max and Judy, and Max's dog Doodles joins in the fun every day. Together the Tweenies sing songs, play games, paint and make things, share stories, learn about the world and enjoy lots of imaginative play.

The programme is set in a playschool and deals with dilemmas, challenges and issues common to very young children, such as squabbling with friends, or not owning up. Story lines provide a non-threatening context within which such issues can be discussed and resolved simply. These characters move like real children - they laugh at the same things they do, sing the same songs, play the same games and see the world in the same way.

The characters are well developed and children are able to predict what their responses might be. The mixture of story, song and creative activity provides excellent opportunities for children to learn through play. Music plays an important part in the programme and children are encouraged to join in with songs and actions.

The educational value of the show

Tweenies helps children to:

  • Learn how to deal with problems using a non-threatening context within which such issues can be discussed and resolved simply.
  • Learn through play, provided by a mixture of story, song and creative activity.
  • Relate to the characters - the Tweenies are good role models to how children should act.

Read about the characters


Bella is the oldest and likes to be the leader - the others sometimes find her a bit bossy! She's a born organiser and full of enthusiasm for everything they do.


Milo is boisterous, noisy and funny. He sometimes goes a bit far, and tends to clash with Bella, but his energy and humour make him a popular member of the group.


Fizz is the younger girl - very self assured, quite particular, and loves anything pink. She loves to dress up and to dance.


Jake is the baby of the group, and sometimes has to work hard to keep up with the others. He's loved and looked after by them all, and his special friend is Doodles the dog.

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