Tiny Tumble

Tiny Tumble

The ‘Tiny Tumble’ series features Mr Tumble alongside his tiny animated alter-ego, Tiny Tumble, taking a journey through the imaginative possibilities of art.

In each episode Justin visits his friends in the art room, then Tiny Tumble jumps into one of their pictures and it comes to life! With the help of his friends and a little Makaton signing, Justin assists Tiny Tumble in his animated adventures before he hops out of the picture and back into his spotty bag.


Educational Value of the Show:

Art benefits cognitive and physical development, strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills, develops a sense of goal setting and nurtures social skills that are critical inside and outside the classroom.

Although the series is designed to be enjoyed by children of all abilities, it features artwork created by children with special needs.

Artistic activities directly exercise and strengthen the cognitive and physical skills children with SEN can find challenging, such as oral, tactile, visual, sensory and motor skills.

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