Tinga Tinga Tales

Join Monkey and his friends Elephant, Tortoise, Tickbird, Hippo and Lion for a unique safari of adventure and story-telling fun.

Tinga Tinga Tales

Based upon animal creation stories from all over the African continent, Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life fantastical tales - through stories and music - of how your child's favourite animals came to be the way they are today. Ever wonder why Flamingo stands on one leg, or why Lion roars? Tinga Tinga Tales may just have the answer.

Our hero Monkey and his friends Elephant, Tortoise, Tickbird, Hippo and Lion will take your child on a unique safari of adventure and storytelling.

There is nothing more important than community and friendship in Tinga Tinga. There are good animals and bad animals, grumpy animals and patient animals, water animals and land animals, tall animals, short animals, loud animals and shy animals - but they all have their role to play.

The animation in Tinga Tinga Tales was made in Kenya, based on Tingatinga art from Tanzania, and draws upon the inspiring talent of East African artists and musicians.

The educational value of the show

Tinga Tinga Tales helps children to:

  • Appreciate cultural diversity.
  • Increase levels of creativity and imagination.
  • Explore different cultures in ways that they can understand.
  • Understand the basics of literacy through storytelling.

Read about the characters


Monkey is adventurous, cheeky and playful. He and his two monkey sidekicks can usually be found playing up trees, cracking jokes and having curious fun.


Lion is royalty in Tinga Tinga. He is a father-figure to many, strong, majestic and fair. He is often called on to solve any problems between the animals in Tinga Tinga.


Elephant is the warmest and dearest animal in Tinga Tinga. He's got a big head and a very tiny brain. His best friend is Tortoise, and he's very proud of his trunk!

Other characters

Tortoise is the oldest and wisest animal in Tinga Tinga. He is the brains of the group and always comes up with a clever solution to any problem.

Hippo lives in the Waterhole with her best friend Tickbird. Hippo loves to laugh and have fun, sploshing in the mud and dive-bombing all the other animals when she is in the Waterhole.

Tickbird lives on Hippo's back. She is a feisty little bird who is strong-willed and brave.

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