Timmy Time

Join the cute little lamb as he goes to nursery with the other little animals, and learns how to make friends and create new things.

Timmy Time

From the much-loved and critically-acclaimed Shaun the Sheep, little lamb Timmy stars in his own TV series. Adorable he may be, but Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. He has just turned three (in sheep years) and being the 'only lamb in the flock', Timmy has been used to getting his own way. Now for the first time, Timmy is going to have to learn to get along with the other little animals. Timmy is going to nursery!

Timmy Time is an engaging exploration of nursery life which every pre-school aged boy and girl can relate to. In this bright, colourful, safe environment, Timmy and his animal chums learn how to make friends, create new things, paint, draw and generally learn those very important 'life lessons' from their nursery teachers, Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl.

Each episode follows a day in the life of Timmy and his friends at nursery. The nursery day will be familiar to pre-schoolers, with the funny twist that Timmy and his friends go to their own nursery for little animals. Timmy is always at the heart of each story. In each episode he will learn something about himself and his friends, as well as the day's activities. Storylines are strong but simple enough to be told without dialogue, using a combination of expressive character animation, animal noises, comedy and slapstick.

Timmy's nursery school is cosily housed in some old farm buildings, nestled amongst gently rolling hills. Complete with messy play area, story corner and garden, this is the perfect place for a young lamb to start finding his place in the world.

The educational value of the show

Timmy Time helps children to:

  • Develop friendships through real-life, easy-to-understand examples.
  • Learn to handle complex emotions (in ways that children understand).

Read about the characters


Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. He can be a bit of a handful sometimes, but only because he is eager and enthusiastic. Timmy is going to have to learn how to share things with others and think about their feelings, not just his own. A gifted footballer, he needs to learn that if you want to play a game with your friends, it's not enough to kick the ball - you have to pass it too.


Harriet, along with Osborne, runs the nursery where Timmy and his friends go. Harriet is capable and eccentric. She's a free spirit whose feathers are always a bit messed up. She likes music and dance, but most of all she loves to teach Timmy and his friends.


Osbourne is a reliable, immaculate and a bit of a stickler for rules and regulations, but he's also quite a softie underneath. He loves to play the keyboards.

Other characters

Timmy has lots of friends, including:

Yabba - a sporty little duck who can't be parted from her diving goggles and jumps into the water at every opportunity. She's Timmy's best friend.

Mittens the kitten - quite a little lady. She doesn't like getting dirty and wet - nothing must spoil her beautiful fur!

Otus - a very well-behaved baby owl who brings Osbourne and Harriet an apple every morning.

Stripey - a nosy badger who is always wanting to know what everyone is doing. When he's not being nosy he naps, because badgers are nocturnal - so really he should be asleep!

Apricot - a shy and nervous hedgehog. When things get a bit much for her she rolls into a prickly ball, which does have its disadvantages - lots of things get stuck on her prickles as she rolls around. But this is a great way of collecting rubbish!

Kid - a young goat who just has to chew and it's becoming a bit of a problem in nursery. Kid's favourite thing is his lunchbox, but he'll happily chew on everything and anything!

Ruffy - a bouncy, wide-eyed puppy who bounds about with his tongue hanging out. He sometimes gets over excited, running round in circles until he gets dizzy and falls over. He loves making all the other animals laugh - he's the class clown!

Finlay - a mischievous little fox cub with a big bushy tail that he's very proud of. Always the first on the scene, he loves to run - almost like he's got ants in his pants.

Paxton - a bouncy and happy-go-lucky piglet who loves to have fun and is really popular with the other animals. He loves eating apples and wearing his blue and yellow striped jumper that his mum knitted for him.

Bumpy - a caterpillar who doesn't go to nursery but hangs out there watching and enjoying the antics of Timmy and his friends. He doesn't like the rain because he's only little and raindrops are quite big, but he really enjoys riding his motorised scooter.

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