Time for School

CBeebies documentary series capturing the excitement of school adventures.

Getting ready to paint

Time For School is a fly-on-the-wall series following 4 and 5 year old children as they start ‘Big School’ for the very first time. Shot in two very different schools, one near a city and one by the sea, the programmes follow two classes of Reception children throughout their first term, from day one in September through to Christmas. From finding out where to hang their coats up to making new friends; learning, playing and having fun, the production team were there every day capturing this very important and exciting journey in a young child’s life. The series shows what’s it’s really like to be in Reception!
Starting school is such an important time in any child’s life – as well as parents’ – and so to capture what this is really like and show the audience what a wonderful time Reception children have at school is important. Some of the CBeebies audience will already be at school and will relate to the show and others will be about to start school and may well feel daunted – Time For School hopefully will change this. For parents too, they will be reassured that not only are their children learning, but they are having fun. Time For School is very different from any other series CBeebies has made in its pure observational approach to filming. Everything is filmed as it happens, everything is real and nothing is scripted or set up.

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