A team of brave Swashbucklers try to win Gem's jewels back from the naughty pirates in this game show set aboard a soft-play pirate ship.


Swashbuckle is a pirate adventure game show for children presented by Gemma Hunt and set on a purpose-built, soft-play pirate ship. In each episode four budding young Swashbucklers work as a team to help ‘Gem’ win back precious jewels and treasure stolen from her by three mischievous pirates: ‘Cook’, ‘Line’ and ‘Captain Sinker’.

The children win back the treasure by completing fun physical games and challenges in the soft-play. If they manage to collect all the jewels and fill their treasure chest then one of the pirates has to walk the plank into the Ship's Mess – filled with gunge!

All of the games in the show are designed to incorporate the physical development goals that children would experience in KS1 activities at school including co-ordination, speed, balance and aim.

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