Something Special

To celebrate the 100th episode of Something Special, we have introduced a brand new play area - Something Special: Out and About.

Something Special

Something Special is simple, fun and informative and each programme focuses on aspects of the children's world about them.

Each programme sees Justin and Mr Tumble out and about applying signing in a variety of places that have relevance to the young audience. Topics covered include pets, toys, weather, clothes, shops, food, all about me, where I live and colours. Mr Tumble always dresses up, wearing brightly-coloured clothes and even big shoes! He moves around and has lots of fun. All children will love him!

The language used throughout each programme is supported by Makaton signs and symbols and is designed to be understood by children in the early stages of language development. See our article entitled 'What is Makaton' for more information - a link is provided on the right of this page.

Something Special: Out and About
To celebrate the 100th episode of Something Special, CBeebies has create a new play area online called Something Special: Out and About.

The aim was to make games suitable for the widest possible range of children, including those with special needs. Games on computer allow children who may not always be reached by the television programme to engage with Something Special.

No clutter - The play area is as clutter free as possible. We’ve tried to minimise any distractions and remove many of the usual links to other CBeebies things.

There are some new games and one or two older games which we have re-worked and brought up to scratch.

Click on the cog - Many CBeebies games are designed to get harder as you progress, but with Something Special: Out and About, the games can be set up in many different ways.

The Cog symbol will give you access to a variety of settings, allowing you to make each game as challenging or simple as you want.  

These activities are not played against the clock. You play in your own time.

Independent play - Children with special needs often require assistance when using computers.  But, as far as possible, these games can be enjoyed with little or no supervision.

Everyone is included - We wanted to make some games that all children can enjoy.

  • Most activities will involve performing an action to make something happen on the screen.
  • Many games help develop mouse/keyboard skills.
  • The Games are designed for Alternate input devices e.g. simple keyboard controls, webcams, mouse, microphone-based controls, and content for single/dual switches.
  • Games should also work on touch screens and interactive white boards.

The educational value of the show

The simple format and the repetitive aspects to each programme will help children to absorb new information or remember something they have previously learned. There is also frequent use of well-known nursery rhymes and tunes.

Even very young children who do not have difficulties with learning can gain so much. They will quickly learn the names of everyday items, actions and settings. The activities used throughout the series include aspects of the Early Years framework that encourage children's learning.

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