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CBeebies Radio - Listen, download and take away!

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Welcome to a world of sounds, music and voices that can help develop children’s listening and imagination.

CBeebies Radio is a daily web-based radio show for pre-school children. It’s a place where children can join in and share adventures in the company of their favourite CBeebies friends.  CBeebies Radio is here to help grown-ups and their family routines - it’s never been so easy to enjoy. Listen, download and take away!

It’s so easy to get involved – either listen online through the CBeebies Radio Player or download and keep our podcast, then you choose when and where is best for you to listen. It really is a brilliant way to encourage listening skills.

Take CBeebies with you

We all know that travelling with little ones can be a challenge, so why not download some shows and use them as in-car entertainment on your next journey to the seaside, school runs, or even trips to the shops? Your child's imagination can soar when they listen to our  the magical stories, quizzes, games and adventures. You can then load them onto a MP3 player or use your computer to save them onto writable music CD. CBeebies Radio can help turn those miles into smiles!

Download Radio Podcasts

Each week we have seven shows available on our CBeebies Radio Player. You can download any show that is in the CBeebies Radio Player and keep it forever.

Download Radio Podcast

Help with Downloading

To download a podcast, click on the 'Download Radio Podcasts' button above. This will take you to the BBC Podcasts page for CBeebies. Here you will see the 7 days' podcasts to download. Follow the on-screen instructions to then download the podcasts you want.

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