Follow the adventures of Pingu and his friends as they explore many of the trials of childhood.


This delightful series stars Pingu, a little penguin who is very mischievous and playful. He lives in an igloo in the Antarctic with his Mum, Dad and sister called Pinga.

The characters communicate with expressive sounds and noises, and no actual spoken language is used at all. This makes it extremely easy for young children, or any who don't have English as a first language, to understand and follow the stories. Trials of childhood are explored such as potty training, eating your peas, tidying up and sibling rivalry.

Pingu has lots of exciting adventures with his best friends, Pingo and Robbie the seal. In a fun, lively way, they explore the issues of children's friendships and lives. The penguin and seal go to school together. They are mischievous and daring. Like little children, they sometimes get into trouble or squabble, but all is always made up and each episode ends happily.

The educational value of the show

Pingu helps children to:

  • Explore various trials of childhood, such as potty training, eating your peas, tidying up and sibling rivalry.
  • Explore the issues of children's friendships and lives.

Read about the characters


Mischievous and warm-hearted, Pingu is about as cheeky as you can get without losing any friends. Like any five year old, he is constantly pushing boundaries, so even the most routine activities transform into the unexpected when Pingu gets involved! Luckily, Pingu is as good at getting out of trouble as he is at getting into it - and he usually manages to win everyone over with his playful nature.

You are most likely to see Pingu on his sledge, his blue pushalong scooter, or (as a treat) riding on the back of his Dad's snowcart. He loves winter sports and is fiercely competitive! This comes from Pingu's determination to hog the spotlight and he can get grumpy if he thinks he's not getting enough attention!


Pinga is Pingu's three-year-old baby sister - she loves her big brother and always tags along when he's around. She is not yet old enough to be fully independent and looks to her big brother to include her in his games and adventures. Pinga is adorable and loved by all, although she is capable of throwing quite a tantrum when something upsets her. However, her tantrums aren't arbitrary and are usually triggered by some misadventure, like when her dad runs over her toy pram!

Pinga loves her toy rabbit, which she carries with her everywhere and she often carries a little bag too. Pinga is a little shy with strangers and needs Pingu there to show her how to join in with the games. Pinga wants to grow up quickly to be just like her brother, and tends to try to get ahead of herself as a result.

Mother and Father

Pingu's Mother can generally be found at home in the igloo and although Pingu's antics can sometimes make her cross, she is always there to give him a hug when he needs one.

Pingu's dad is the local postman. He delivers the letters on his snowcart, which also comes in handy for taking the family out and about, visiting the shops or Grandpa's igloo. Father has a talent for making toys for his children and he is indispensable when it comes to DIY.

Robby and other friends

Robby is Pingu's best friend - and that means double trouble! With Pingu at his side, Robby lands himself in all sorts of comical situations. Robby is full of energy and enthusiasm for whatever he does and is always eager to inspire Pingu to join in with his activities.

Other friends include Pingu's sweetheart, Pingi, and Pingu's friends, Bajoo and Pingo.

Learning areas

  • Being creative


Age suitability

School, Pre-school, Toddler

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