Peter Rabbit

Peter, Lily and Benjamin in snow

CBeebies has brought Beatrix Potter’s timeless character Peter Rabbit to life in a series of adventures based on the well-loved children’s books.

Set in Potter's beloved English Lake District, Peter’s world is the real natural world — majestic and beautiful – where behind every tree and rock there is a surprise to discover and where dangers (be it a sneaky fox or a bad-tempered badger) lurk around every corner.

This animation stays true to the feel of the original books while ensuring the storylines are just as engaging and relevant for modern audiences. The team took over 3,000 photos of the Lake District to ensure every frame is faithful to the landscape in which the animation has been set – so Peter's burrow is based on the roots of a real tree near Sawrey and all the flowers and plants are native to the Lake District.

Peter Rabbit is a character that children will be able to relate to, in a story where friendship is paramount. Children will enjoy accompanying Peter and his friends on their adventures, which are full of fun, mischief and suspense. These adventures will introduce a whole new generation to the magical world of Beatrix Potter.

Read about the characters

Read about the characters

Peter Rabbit

With a taste for radishes and a thirst for adventure. There’s no such thing as a dull day if you’re friends with the rabbit in the blue jacket. Peter’s adventures range from scaling the heights of the woodland canopy when he visits the Squirrel Camp, to rafting down a raging stream, to attempting to dig a tunnel right under the fox’s, Mr. Tod’s liar. And Peter loves company, so is joined by Benjamin and Lily on their adventures.

Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin is slightly younger than Peter and worships his big cousin. Even though Benjamin secretly prefers carrots, he pretends to like radishes more just to impress Peter. Benjamin doesn’t have a mother around at home, he enjoys being at Peter’s house for more than just Peter’s friendship. Mrs rabbit and Lily both provide Benjamin with that extra bit of maternal affection that he still needs.

Lily Bobtail

Lily is the only child of Dr and Mrs Warren Bobtail. She has spent the early part of her life in a burrow on the periphery of a town. When Dr. Bobtail is called to take up a practice in the woods, Lily finds herself in a world she’s never experienced, but can’t wait to get to know. The character of Lily Bobtail is brand new and she’s actually based on Beatrix Potter herself! Beatrix was a strong, outspoken and intelligent woman, and Lily is definitely a self-assured, smart little girl. Beatrix also loved wildlife and had a nurturing element to her. So Lily in turn is affectionate and has a caring side – she even has a pet ladybird called Florence! She’s always a core part of the adventures along with Benjamin and Peter – sliding down tunnels, playing in the tree house, and she isn’t afraid to get her paws dirty! We hope Lily will be a strong character for little girls to identify with, alongside Peter and Benjamin.

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