My Story

My Story

My Story pioneers the concept of history to pre-schoolers. It is a unique child-led history brand, taking children on a journey to discover their own and their family’s history through fun, adventure and play to discover that every family has a story.

On TV, online and CBeebies Radio it’s about bringing a bit of history to life, connecting the generations and encouraging children to ask questions about their own family stories.

It’s a voyage of discovery to find out things that they never knew about the people they know the best.

Narrated by Nicky Campbell, it takes children on a journey of discovery as they share family stories with an older relative and have heaps of fun along the way.

The programme uses archive footage from a variety of sources to illustrate the time period explored in each programme. Archive footage is indicated by silver sparkles. Occasionally, there is archive footage featuring the contributor or their family - in these cases, the archive is indicated by gold sparkles.

My Story Online

My Story Online is a tool for children and families to create their very own CBeebies ‘My Story’. Capture your story using one of our page templates that cover a wide variety of subjects including family, friends, likes and dislikes. Add stickers, draw, colour and upload family photos and add labels to personalise your page and celebrate the people, places and things that are important to you and your child.

To start, pick one of our templates and make a page for your child’s book using the online drawing tools, or add some of our photo stickers. Saving the page adds it into your child’s book (My Pages). The templates can also be printed out and coloured in away from the computer; add stickers, glitter, whatever you like! You can print a sheet to be filled in on a day trip to make a diary of the visit. Or print out some templates to be filled in on a long journey

My Story can also be a shared-play experience. Some of the templates are designed to be completed by two people; a parent and child, two siblings or friends. Have a lot of fun making your pages and creating something together.

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