Mister Maker

Time to get arty and creative with Mister Maker as he gets inspiration for his makes from everything around him.

Mister Maker

Mister Maker is a real-life character who gets inspiration to make art from everything around him. Do you want to know how to make marvellous monsters with paint splodges? Do you think he will make a glittering jewel-covered 'jazzy jar' in under a minute? Mister Maker shows you all this and more in each episode!

Packed full of stimulating ideas that can be brought to life at home, viewers can follow Mister Maker's journey throughout each show as he explains great art techniques and makes fantastic things you'll want to keep. Watch his friends, The Shapes, pose a visual puzzle and guess what giant picture the studio kids are making today.

The educational value of the show

Mister Maker helps children to:

  • Be inspired to make art from a whole range of materials.
  • Learn about art techniques and ways to create lots of fantastic pictures and fun things.
  • Have a go at experimenting with different colours, textures and shapes.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by cutting, sticking and colouring.

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