Minibeast Adventure with Jess

Jess helps your little ones discover the amazing creatures on their doorstep

Minibeast Adventure with Jess logo.

Minibeast Adventure is a series which aims to help children get to know the amazing creatures that live right on their doorstep. Taking viewers on a Minibeast Adventure is presenter Jess French, a quirky, enthusiastic and knowledgeable young zoologist. Jess grew up in a family where her father bred insects and has an in-depth understanding of the importance of the very smallest creatures. Her background led her to zoology and veterinary studies and she’s passionate about sharing this knowledge with the next generation.


Every programme begins with a visit to Jess’s treehouse, where she introduces us to a particular minibeast.  From there she sets out on a Minibeast Adventure with children in their local environment to try and find that day’s creature. Jess helps the children interpret what they find and they learn how to handle the minibeasts and care for their environment.


Little ones will get to see all sorts of insects up close in fascinating detail. The show aims to help children develop an understanding of nature and encourage them and their families to get outside and go on their own Minibeast Adventure. 

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