Mike The Knight

Mike The Knight transports you to a world filled with marvellous missions, castles, dragons, Vikings and trolls.

Mike The Knight

Mike the Knight is a brand new animated TV series bringing the excitement and enchantment of medieval times into the life of the modern pre-schooler for the very first time. In each action-packed episode, viewers are transported to a world filled with marvellous missions, castles, dragons, Vikings and trolls.

Mike is an energetic, cheeky yet bountiful young knight-in-training, driven by his passion to help others and, along the way, be the best knight he can be. With his father, the King away exploring faraway lands Queen Martha has put Mike in charge of helping her protect the Kingdom of Glendragon.

Determined to do his best, through comedy and adventure with his rallying cry ‘Be a knight, do it right’ Mike learns the power of responsibility and how to do things the right way.

With a little help from his Big Book for little Knights in training, the would-be-hero rises to each episode’s mission with the help of his closest friends: Sparkie and Squirt a pair of friendly, quirky dragons, and his trusty steed Galahad. Never far from the action and always willing to help out is Mike’s fun and free-spirited sister Evie, a wizard in training.

At the start of each new challenge, Mike dons his armour and is ready to tackle anything from horse riding to helping prepare for feasts and festivals, from  guarding the castle to good citizenship and, of course, knowing how to rescue a princess.

He is aided in his pursuits with some nifty medieval gadgets, including his enchanted sword and his shield. Thanks to one of Evie’s spells Mike is never quite sure what magical object will appear when he draws his sword. But what the valiant apprentice fails to realise is that the object will always come in handy for completing the mission of the day.

Topping and tailing each episode is Fernando, the resident bard, who acts as the storyteller. Incredibly funny, his witty ditties begin and end each episode on a humorous note.

This chivalrous new series is set to send young viewers on an enchanted voyage of discovery.

Mike the Knight is a co-production between HIT Entertainment and Nelvana Studio and is HIT’s first new hero preschool series since Bob the Builder. The series was created by Alexander Bar (Lunar Jim) and the head writer is Marc Seal (Head writer, Bob the Builder).

The educational value of the show

Mike the Knight helps children to:

  • Champion their responsibilities and learn the power of responsibility. Mike not only takes it upon himself to protect the kingdom but is often empowered to protect the kingdom by his mum or the villagers.
  • Be inspired to do things to the best of their ability. Mike always goes the extra mile to help out and do things 'right' - even if at first you don't succeed!
  • Understand the importance of friendship and loyalty
  • Realise the importance of teamwork - Mike sometimes tries to resolve problems by himself but eventually realises that some things are better resolved when working together.
  • Be considerate of others
  • Appreciate their own personal self-development - mike always betters himself through his actions.

Read about the characters


Mike is an energetic, cheeky yet bountiful young knight-in-training, driven by his passion to help others and, along the way, be the best knight he can be.

From mysteries that send him on missions around the kingdom, to tasks that need overcoming close to home, Mike approaches each new challenge with bravery and bubbling enthusiasm.


Galahad is Mike’s 'horse in training' who is dependable, brave and always eager to save the day.

Galahad doesn’t speak but understands everything Mike tells him. As Mike’s inseparable companion and best friend, Galahad is always there for Mike.


Evie , Mike's fun and free spirited younger sister, is a 'wizard in training'. Competitive and always eager to help, she does have many magical mishaps, but always learns from her mistakes! Accompanied by her pet frog, Mr Cuddles, Evie always tries to join in on Mike's quests – after all, every wizard wants to use her magic!

Other characters

Sparkie, the fire breathing Dragon, loves life and everything it has to offer and is perhaps the most laid back dragon you could hope to meet! Being the biggest of the dragons, Sparkie has a big appetite, and a big appreciation for the world around him.

Squirt is physically much smaller than Sparkie and, unlike him, cannot breath fire. However, Squirt can breathe something very unusual: water! He is a squirt both in stature and ability! Despite his stature, Squirt does have one big feature: his imagination!

Mr Cuddles
Unsure about being called "Evie's pet", Mr Cuddles prefers to think that he found Evie - so she can cast the spells on his behalf! Mr Cuddles has a very dry sense of humour and can usually predict when things are going to go wrong - which is most of the time when Evie’s magic is involved! But he is very fond of her and the two of them have a great understanding.

Self-assured and effortlessly cool is Glendragon’s wonderful resident bard – Fernando. Of Hispanic descent, and a little older than Mike, he plays a souped-up lute and sings of Mike’s adventures at the start and end of every episode.

Queen Martha, Mike's Mum
Queen Martha divides her duties between being the reigning monarch of Glendragon and being mother to Mike and Evie. She is warm, wise and caring and always wants the best for her children and loyal subjects - even those of the dragon variety!

The Troll Family
The Maze Caves are home to the family of trolls - Pa, Ma and Trollee. Mike is best friends with the youngest troll, Trollee…

Although he's bigger and a little bit older, Trollee is best friends with Mike. There is nothing more Trollee wants than to be a knight, just like Mike! Whenever he has the opportunity Trollee with go with Mike and the dragons on an adventure. In fact he is often called upon to help with Mike’s training – which is rather handy because it means he too gets to learn knightly skills!

The Vikings
Glendragon often has visits from three incredibly mischievous Viking explorers. The acrobatic trio always arrive unannounced, causing much mischief - but it is all in the name of fun.

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