Melody is a show designed to introduce preschool children to a variety of classical music through stories and delightful, colourful animation. Melody, the title character, is a partially sighted girl with an incredible imagination.

There’s a moment in each episode where Melody’s mum hands her an mp3 player to listen to a piece of music. The music prompts Melody to visualise wonderful stories and characters suggested by the mood of the music and the audience joins her on a fantastic journey from everyday life to the amazing animated adventures dancing through her mind.

The stories that Melody imagines always relate to the issue she is facing, and help her to solve it – for example, in one episode, the music helps Melody to sculpt a bird out of clay, and in another to cope with losing her favourite cuddly toy.

To make this show more accessible to visually impaired children a number of different techniques were used; working with high contrast colours, having centrally focused action, bigger and definite (sometimes exaggerated) movements and holding on certain shots longer as well as using sound to tell the story as much as possible with voiceover and sound effects. These things should help a visually impaired audience, but also make Melody a different looking and sounding programme than the CBeebies audience has been used to.

The show focuses on the power of music and how it can articulate our emotions and help us make sense of the world. At the end of each episode Melody asks the audience what the music makes them think of – this is to encourage them to listen to the music outside of the show, and imagine things for themselves.

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