Let's Play

Let’s Play encourages young children to explore the magic of role-play through dressing up.

Sid and Rebecca

Let’s Play is a brand new series which encourages young children to explore the magic of role-play through dressing up.  Have your little ones ever played at being a cowboy? A scientist? A mountain climber?  All these and more are here, portrayed in fantastical animated worlds with some important tasks to perform and lots of laughs along the way.

Sid and new co-presenter Rebecca take children on an exciting journey of exploration. Each episode sees them step through the Magic Curtain to an animated world where they take on the role of a colourful character.  From ancient Egyptians, to builders, ballet dancers and astronauts, there’s something for everyone to help children let their imaginations run riot and pretend to be whatever they want to be.

Let’s Play website

On the Let’s Play website, we have a brand new game where little ones get the chance to have a go at dressing up Sid and Rebecca.

Children can choose from ten exciting different outfits, from dressing up Sid as a cowboy to Rebecca as a police officer.  They can then click on the camera and take a picture! Your child can even print out their picture.  

There’s also a new webcam feature where your child can dress themselves in the outfits provided and then take a picture. To do this, you’ll need to print out a special ‘marker’ to use (this is available to print from in the game), and turn your webcam on. Your child will need your help to do this, but Sid and Rebecca will talk you thorough the process in an online video tutorial which you can find as soon as you click on the webcam option on the Let’s Play game menu.

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