Let's Celebrate

Find out how children in the UK prepare for and take part in different religious and cultural festivals and celebrations.

Let's Celebrate

From Chinese New Year to Christmas, Let's Celebrate takes CBeebies' viewers on a noisy, musical and vibrant tour of the UK showing how children experience different religious and cultural festivals around the country.

Let's Celebrate visits a different community in each episode to join in the fun and excitement of their celebrations. We meet a family or group of children who are getting ready for a festival - be it dressing up, decorating the house, preparing food or exchanging gifts. The programmes then showcase a musical or dramatic performance which tells the story behind the festival before returning to the children and their families at a party or event in full celebratory mode.

Festivals featured in the series include: Vaisakhi, Eid al-Fitr, Holi, Wesak, Purim, Diwali, Easter, St Patrick's Day, St David's Day, St George's Day, St Andrew's Day, Norouz, Chinese New Year, Carnival and Christmas. It has long been CBeebies' goal to reflect the lives of real children in its output and we felt the colour and wonderful stories behind festivals was an interesting way to do this. We live in a multicultural society and Let's Celebrate is a fun way for children to learn about the cultural and religious festivals all around them.

With only fifteen episodes it was difficult to choose. We wanted to represent all the major religions but also choose events in which children actively participate in this country and which have stories or aspects which are accessible and interesting to young children.

On the Let's Celebrate website, the presenter, Thomas Ticker, guides children around his house and the celebrations. They can interact with the objects in his house and discover more about the celebrations by watching clips and making things. The website also offers children a chance to watch and dance along to the catchy theme tune.

The education value of the show

Let's Celebrate helps children to:

  • Understand how children experience different religious and cultural festivals around the country.
  • Learn that we live in a multicultural society.

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