See if you can answer the questions in this action-packed quiz show before joining the gang for a whizz around the track.


Kerwhizz is 'The Quiz with Added Whizz!' It is designed to be an involving, informative and exhilarating experience for four to six year olds.

Three teams answer questions to win 'Mods' for their racing 'Pods'. They then shoot around a fantastic Race world to find out who is the smartest, fastest team.

Each episode has it's own special race world, and the audience are given the chance to guess what it is before it's revealed. These race worlds vary from the historical (Egypt World) to the hysterical (Hat-trick Highway). The three teams must try to use their 'Pod Mods' wisely to help them in the race.

The show encourages the viewers to participate in finding answers to the questions, and to develop allegiances to the six characters that make up the teams.

The questions on the programme are carefully framed to encourage the use of different learning styles and the whole show offers such a safe and supportive environment that it really won't matter if your child doesn't get all the questions right.

The educational value of the show

Kerwhizz helps children to:

  • Develop their problem-solving skillas through playful learning.
  • Join in and be more active in their TV viewing (particularly as the characters ask them to take part).
  • Concentrate and focus on the task at hand (as they carefully listen to and answer the quiz questions).

Read about the characters


Ninki is a history-loving, stylish racer who likes to look good as well as win races. She is impetuous and would be more successful if she listened to her sidekick, Pip, a little more.


Pip is Ninki's long-suffering partner. He's the cleverest of all the racers, but the one least listened to, much to his frustration.


Twist believes himself to be a true speed racer. He acts before he thinks, leading to a number of comic scrapes.

Other characters

Snout is Twist's sprout-obsessed sidekick. He is sensitive and caring, but often loses sight of his goal when diverted by his favourite vegetable.

Kit thinks she is smarter than she actually is. She therefore overestimates her capacity to solve problems, creating more difficulties than she bargained for.

Kaboodle adores her partner Kit. She's very excitable, loves cooking and has a pet spider called Cynthia. She is the most moralistic of all the racers and regularly disapproves if Kit tries to take unfair advantage when trying to win a race.

Kerwhizzitor is quizmaster and race commentator. A former racer himself he loves watching the three teams sweep round all the different Kerwhizzical Raceworlds.

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