In the Night Garden

Get on board the Ninky Nonk and meet all the different characters living in the magical world of the Night Garden.

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden is for very young children and has been created, written and composed by Andrew Davenport. He also created the Teletubbies with Anne Wood. In the Night Garden is a magical and thoroughly modern televisual interpretation of a nursery-rhyme picture book featuring a host of wonderful characters, living together within a happy and caring community.

The diverse group of characters interact and care for one another unconditionally, despite the substantial differences in their individual sizes. All the characters have their own unique song and dance - with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy playing important roles, as their emotional and comic interaction are an essential part of the narratives of many of the episodes.

The programme is funny, reassuring, relaxing and entertaining and is intended for a young audience (aged two to four years). The words, rhymes and music carry young viewers through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense.

Like all good stories, In the Night Garden takes children on an imaginative journey and during each episode children will encounter a variety of interesting and unique spaces and characters and will be encouraged to make their own connections amongst them. It has been shot in a real woodland setting to create a compelling and fully immersive experience for young viewers.

The educational value of the show

In The Night Garden helps children to:

  • Learn to care for others unconditionally.
  • Appreciate diversity - understand that everyone is different.
  • Enjoy the wonder of the world around them and to make connections between different places and things.

Read about the characters


Igglepiggle is physical and energetic, like a well-loved teddy - always jumping and bouncing. He's curious and adventurous, but also vulnerable and modest - and despite his energy, he is often in need of reassurance and comfort and always carries his red blanket with him.

Upsy Daisy

Upsy Daisy is generally a happy and optimistic character. She loves to dance - regardless of the occasion - and has her own special bed that has a mind of its own, as she will often be seen chasing or being chased by her bed.

Makka Pakka

Makka Pakka lives in a little cave with his favourite stones. He also has a little soap and sponge to make sure all of the Garden's stones and all of the faces of the other characters are clean and tidy. He travels around the Garden pushing his Og-Pog, which carries his sponge, his uff-uff dryer and his special trumpet.

Other characters

The Tombliboos live inside a lovely round bush, which has many different levels inside where the Tombliboos enjoy playing with their special blocks, as well as their drums and piano.

The Pontipines are a large family that live in a semi-detached house at the foot of a tree. Their next-door neighbours are the Wottingers. The Pontipines and the Wottingers are two families of ten, with eight children, four of which are boys and four are girls.

The Haahoos are six enormous great billowy forms that make their way through the Garden like puffy pillows, calling to each other as they meet up to go to sleep in a big pillowy pile.

The Ninky Nonk is a wonderful train of many differently-sized and shaped carriages - and the Pinky Ponk is an airship, speckled with many fins and large landing lights, and providing wonderful aerial views of all of the Garden's splendour.

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