Green Balloon Club

Join the Green Ballon Club team as they explore the natural world and find out how we can care for the environment.

Green Balloon Club

The Green Balloon Club find out about nature and the world around us.

Piloted by 'Sky', who accompanies the children on their adventures, the balloon is environmentally-friendly and powered by cycle and wind power. As they fly, the team look out for Green Balloon Club members below. When they are spotted, the members give reports on what they've spotted where they live. The balloon also receives special reports from Jelly who is out and about usually meeting children who are involved in wildlife projects. She also visits Bill Oddie in his garden from time to time.

If the Green Team want to find out something in particular they 'beam' their question down to the Ground Crew below who set off on a mission to answer it. The Ground Crew are ever-changing groups of children led on their missions by 'Nature Chris'.

Every week, the Green Balloon Club members set a spotting challenge. This challenge can also be seen on the website. If you find the Spot of the Week you can claim a Green Star which you print off the site. You can also earn green stars for other online challenges found on the Action Cards on the site. You can become a member of the Green Balloon Club online too. On the site you can make your Green Balloon badge and start an online scrapbook for all your spots. The club has its own secret picture password that you get from watching the programme.

In the balloon, the team keep a nature scrapbook where they collect their green stars and other nature items of interest. Viewers can keep an online version or print out a cover to make their own. At the end of every programme, the balloon lands which means it's time for a song. Each week will feature one of our library of Green Balloon songs which is being added to throughout the year. The songs are available on the website.

The educational value of the show

The Green Balloon Club helps children to:

  • Find out about nature and the world around them.
  • Be inspired to go nature-spotting and explore outside themselves.
  • Learn about ways they can help the environment.

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