Grandpa in my Pocket

Have fun going on some weird and wonderful adventures with Elsie, Josh and their incredible shrinking grandad!

Grandpa in my Pocket

Grandpa In My Pocket is aimed at four to six year olds and celebrates the hugely significant relationship between grandparent and grandchildren.


Grandpa lives with his family in a beautiful seaside town called Sunnysands. Everyone thinks he spends all his time stuck in his armchair, but he has a magic shrinking cap which only his grandchildren, Jason and his younger cousins Elsie and Josh, know about. When Grandpa puts his cap on, he becomes small enough to fit into Jason's pocket - not to mention his toy plane and car.

Grandpa is playful and mischievous but always a force for good. He turns up in all sorts of unlikely places and creates comic mayhem which Jason has to sort out. Together, Grandpa and his grandchildren make a great team and have a host of hilarious adventures.

In the original series the focus was on the relationship between Grandpa and Jason, but as Jason has grown up and is busy with football and friends, the secret of the shrinking cap is revealed to Jason’s younger cousins Elsie and Josh, who are thrilled to discover that their Grandpa is made of magic!

Grandpa can bring toys and vehicles to life. So when in miniature form, he can climb into a model aeroplane and zoom around the park or make a quick getaway in a toy car. Although Grandpa tries his best not to be seen by anyone when he is in his miniature form, he is sometimes discovered, causing utter amazement, delight or even some consternation amongst those that find him!

When he's small, he's full of mischievous fun, but Grandpa has a strong sense of right and wrong and can't bear it if anybody's rude or mean or selfish. Sometimes he shrinks to teach somebody a lesson and he often turns characters around completely. Grandpa is not a superhero, but he's definitely a force for good, even if he does cause lots of comedy chaos on the way. Each story ends with a joyous moment with Grandpa saying: "We did it! Teamwork!"

The educational value of the show

Grandpa In My Pocket helps children to:

  • Celebrate the relationship between grandparent and grandchild.
  • Develop a strong sense of right and wrong (eg not be rude, mean or selfish).
  • Understand the importance of teamwork - and the feelings of joy and achievement it can bring to those involved.

Learning areas

  • Understanding the world

  • Communicating

  • Emotions & behaviour


Age suitability

School, Pre-school, Toddler

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