Enjoy a giggle along with Justin's cast of crazy, comic characters.


Justin Fletcher is getting the nation's under-6s laughing their socks off with his collection of crazy comedy characters in Gigglebiz.

Gigglebiz is a live-action sketch show and features around 250 sketches - all featuring the award-winning presenter and entertainer.

The series of 25 episodes is a rambunctious collection of short, simple, funny sketches packed with hilarious and eccentric individuals.

The educational value of the show

Gigglebiz helps children to:

  • Laugh and enjoy the wonder of humour and life!
  • Understand more about emotions and begin to see things from different perspectives as Justin opens up new ways of looking at situations.
  • Develop social awareness through witnessing humorous situations.

Read about the characters

Justin's Gigglebiz Characters

Justin Fletcher dresses up as several different characters for short comedy sketches. They include:

King Flannel - a decrepit old rogue with a penchant for trying to outwit his butler.

The Berito Brothers - a slightly faded troupe of past-their-best acrobats (two of them have still got what it takes, but the third (Justin) most definitely hasn't!).

Gail Force - a glamorous weather reporter with an uncanny knack of forecasting weather conditions which happen only to her.

Rapids Johnson - an intrepid explorer who never quite manages to find the animal he's seeking, even though it's usually behind him.

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