Get Squiggling!

Join Squiglet for some wonderful arty adventures with his Squiggle Stick and Squiggle Pad. What will he be drawing today?

Get Squiggling!

Squiglet lives in a plain white world, athough it doesn't stay white for long! With the help of a magical set of crayons - which he calls 'Squiggle Sticks' - Squiglet shows the audience how to draw colourful characters on their 'Squiggle Pads'. As Squiglet and the viewers at home sing the magic words together, the character leaps off the page and comes to life!

Squiglet uses his Squiggle Sticks to fill in the world around each episode's character and himself. A lush vegetable garden for a caterpillar, an icy snow cave for a snowman or a strange alien planet for a spaceman. Squiglet's white world fills with colour as he and the audience accompany their new friends into a fun-filled adventure.

Get Squiggling Letters

‘Get Squiggling Letters’ builds on the well-loved format of Get Squiggling to inspire little ones to take their first steps towards forming letters.

Squiglet, using his trusty Squiggle Pad and Squiggle Sticks, shows the audience how to write a different letter of the alphabet every day.

The letter comes to life and leaps off the page, then Squiglet draws three items beginning with this letter of the day. For the letter ‘a’ he draws an ant, an apple and an ambulance, then children look out for these in a story. In every episode there’s an ‘Alphabet Song’ to sing along to as well as the chance to see other children writing the letter of the day.

Get Squiggling Letters aims to ignite children’s interest in writing by getting them to think about letter shapes in a fun, engaging way and being able to reproduce them using the correct movement, orientation and relationship to other letters. These are essential skills that lay the foundations for children to be able to write well and easily when they get to school.

On the website, in the Get Squiggling Letters Game children can have fun practising their letter writing, learning the shape of the letters, testing their squiggling skills in a ‘Letter Quiz’ and creating pictures using ‘online’ crayons and letter themed stickers.

Joining in

Children can draw along with Squiglet. Using the website print-outs, they can finish off his drawings and colour them in. Each episode uses one of seven different types of lines (e.g. wavy, straight) which the viewer can learn to recognise and use.

As problems arise and obstacles block their paths, Squiglet uses the magical Squiggle Sticks to squiggle solutions. Need to find some buried treasure? Squiglet can squiggle you a spade. Need to cross a crocodile-infested moat? He can squiggle you a boat. Need to get somewhere far away? He can even squiggle you the bus! But not without the help of the audience - who are all encouraged to squiggle along with their monster guide.

As we move between squiggled parks and squiggled streets or squiggled jungles and squiggled swamps, Squiglet helps that day's character get ever closer to his or her goal. Even when the Squiggle Sticks can't seem to fix a problem, Squiglet can conjure up a window on the Squiggle Pad - allowing them to see from their animated world into the live-action world of the audience. This gives our characters a clue as to what to draw to finally help find the solution to their problem.

The educational value of the show

Get Squiggling helps children to:

  • Develop an interest in art and drawing - and be inspired to have a go at squiggling something themselves.
  • Recognise basic colours and shapes.

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