Everything's Rosie

Go on a journey of discovery with Rosie and her buddies as they learn about friendship and thinking of others.

Everything's Rosie

New girl in town, Rosie has a series of adventures with her colourful group of friends - embarking on journeys of discovery, fun, and everyday conundrums.

Rosie lives with her friend Raggles in the playhouse of every child's dreams. The Playhouse stands high on a hill, overlooking their favourite playground where you are sure to find Rosie and her friends - Will, Holly, Big Bear and Bluebird.

Rosie hasn't got all the answers, but she is keen to uncover this world of surprises with her friends and the viewers.

The educational value of the show

Everything's Rosie helps children to:

  • Understand the importance of friendship.
  • Appreciate the diversity within a group of friends/ community of people (eg Will - confident; Oakley - old)
  • Realise it's okay to ask for help.

Read about the characters


Rosie is confident, caring and adventurous. She likes nothing more than being at the centre of all the action with her friends, though her willing nature often gets her into situations where she needs help, especially when Raggles isn't by her side.


Raggles is Rosie's best friend. Though younger and more naïve than Rosie, Raggles can sometimes see a problem and even find a solution before Rosie. As with many firm friendships, Raggles and Rosie are much stronger together than apart.


You can always find Bluebird sitting on a branch in the park with Big Bear. She is chatty and prone to flights of fancy, convinced she is magical and always keen to show Big Bear and the others her special gift.

Other characters

Holly is the most timid character in the show. She is a wonderful singer and dancer but is often cautious and always in need of reassurance. Holly idolises Rosie and often mimics Rosie's behaviour.

Oakley, the ancient oak tree, sits high on top of his hill overlooking the park. Oakley loves Rosie and her friend's visits and in return tells them stories of his youth as a sapling, sings them songs the wind taught him and best of all, gives them bouncy rides on his branches.

Will likes to live for the moment, sometimes acting before he thinks! Will is confident and is always brimming with optimism.

Big Bear is a gentle and polite soul. He is attracted to the most fragile of things. Big Bear likes to hang out in the park and have a sturdy tree to sit against when the sun is high.

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