Driver Dan's Story Train

Go on a magical storytelling adventure and collect characters along the way with Driver Dan and his animal friends.

Driver Dan

Driver Dan's Story Train follows the adventures of a friendly group of characters who all love stories.

Driver Dan drives the train and its magical book carriage into an exciting adventure - collecting characters along the way and heading to Story Corner, where the friends snuggle up and listen as Driver Dan reads to them.

The educational value of the show

Driver Dan's Story Train helps children to:

  • Develop an interest in books and storytelling.
  • Use their imagination to make stories come alive.

Read about the characters

Driver Dan

Driver Dan is a friendly lion who loves having fun with all his friends, driving the train and reading the stories. He is always available to help with anything, and loves to fix things with his amazing Fix-O-Tron.


Twinkle is a little bird who is the source of all the music and train noises on the Story Train. She has many responsibilities and is in charge of sounding the all-clear so that everyone knows when to safely get on and off of the train.


Sweetie is the youngest of the group, a little panda bear who is sometimes quiet and shy but always giggling and loves to play games. Sweetie loves to make yummy food for her friends and knows a lot about plants and growing food. She is also very good at playing tunes on her pipe for everyone to dance to.

Other characters

Loopy is a young dinosaur who is the loudest and bounciest character to come to Story Corner! He runs, skates and races around, and he loves to make people laugh.

Precious the camel is always rushing around, enormously enthusiastic and forever asking 'Why?' about everything! She is interested in everything and everyone, and she especially loves having a mystery to solve.

Milly and Lily are almost identical flamingo friends - these two are inseparable! They do everything together and simply love dressing up and dancing.

Hip and Hop are the funny bunny brother and sister who always want opposite things. Hip, the brother, is usually quiet, steady and thoughtful. Hop, the sister, is always loud, bouncy and very confident. But no matter how different they are, they always stay the very best of friends.

The Counting Sheep are five blocks that fit inside each other and who always know what they want. The five are always together and often practising their acrobatic stunts - whether it's building themselves into a tall sheepy tower or forming the perfect line of defence in a game of football.

The Vrooms are two really fast and zippy cars that vroom around and love nothing more than a race between themselves or their friends. Always keen to help out, the Vrooms often save the day when someone or something needs their help.

Tallulah is an elephant on wheels and is the most grown up of Driver Dan's passengers. She loves taking photos and remembering the adventures that were happening when she took them, and she can often be found splashing around at the water hole.

Learning areas

  • Emotions & behaviour

  • Communicating

  • Reading & writing


Age suitability

Toddler, Pre-school

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