Learn about growing your own food, recycling and looking after the environment with Dirtgirl and her friends.


Dirtgirlworld is about children discovering that putting nature first can be second nature. The show has an environmental focus, from exploring recycling and growing your own vegetables to discussing manure as essential to organic gardening and growing food. The programme is accompanied by a contemporary and exciting musical soundtrack.

Dirtgirlworld encourages children and parents to step outside and have a go!

The educational value of the show

Dirtgirlworld helps children to:

  • Learn more about the world around them - especially the environment they live in.
  • Be inspired to do more to care for the environment and to have a go at growing their own food.

Read about the characters


Dirtgirl loves the outdoors, from growing her own vegetables to recycling adventures with her friends.

Grubby and Ken

Grubby and Ken the weevil are loveable insects from Dirtgirl's garden. Grubby is always coming up with new ideas for Ken's next amazing stunt.


Dirtgirl's trusted scarecrow, Hayman watches over the vegetables in Dirtgirl's vegetable patch.


Dirtgirl's next-door neighbour and best friend. Scrapboy is great at building things from scratch with junk.

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