Join Gwen, Bob and Tony on a magical prehistory tour

Gwen, Bob and Tony.

Dinopaws is all about the prehistoric adventures of three curious young Dinopaws who woke up one morning and decided they wanted to go everywhere and do everything in their brave new world.

Just as young children are daily discovering new things that they’ve never seen, heard, tasted or felt before, so Gwen, Bob and Tony – the three Dinopaws – are constantly having new experiences, learning how to be together and making sense of the world.

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Gwen thinks she’s in charge. She’s silly and twitchy and always putting her hand up to say ‘I know! I know! I know!’ when someone asks a question – and often when nobody asks a question!

Bob is solid, sure and dependable – the very best kind of friend. He thinks big thoughts and makes up pun-derful new words, but is sometimes quite silly too.

Tony is the youngest. He can’t stay still or be quiet or do the same thing for more than a couple of minutes. He’s a bit unpredictable, and doesn’t really do words, but he has a small vocabulary of inexplicable sounds.

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