Cloudbabies is an animated pre-school series about four enchanting, childlike characters, Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow and Baba Green whose job is to look after the sky and their Sky Friends, Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Little Star.

They live together with Bobo White, a mischievous little Sky Imp, in a house on a big fluffy cloud. Every morning, they jump on their Skyhorsies and begin their day's work of looking after the sky.

The series promotes caring for others and the world around us and also introduces children to notions such as day and night, sun and moon, rainbow and the stars.

Educational consultant Dr Christine Ricci Ph.D has written an article about working alongside the production team to create an educational curriculum for the series, teaching children about caring for others, themselves, and the world around them.

Read about the characters

Baba Pink

Baba Pink is spirited but sympathetic, and can also be a little bit bossy! She cleans, stitches and mends with her Caring Kit filled with “mummy stuff” and is always looking out for the other Cloudbabies and their Sky Friends.

Baba Blue

Baba Blue is enthusiastic and keen to show how quick and efficient he is, though he can be a little clumsy at times! He is always ready to tackle the task in hand, with his toolbox filled with useful stuff for fixing things and mending cracks in Rainbow.

Baba Yellow

Baba Yellow is gentle and shy, but always cheery and optimistic. She is very creative and carries round a satchel filled with paints, brushes and musical instruments, including her Fluteytoot, which has ‘Pied Piper-like’ properties.

Baba Green

Baba Green is quiet, thoughtful and somewhat serious. He is a great story teller and often makes up stories for his friends and Little Star; though he is happiest when tending the garden with his bag full of gardening tools.

Bobo White

Bobo White is the Sky Imp the Cloudbabies found asleep at the bottom of the Rainbow, and he is desperate to become a ‘proper Cloudbaby’. He rides around on Skydonk and with his energy, mischief and curious personality, Bobo White is sometimes frustrating but always loveable!

Sky Friends

Sun is always jolly and likes to laugh. He is boisterous, easy-going and very sociable, and what he really likes is to be super-shiny!

Moon is a shy, sensitive and motherly character. She often needs to be dusted and polished by the Cloudbabies, and fed moonrock so she can transform into a full moon.

Rainbow is very proud of his colours and a bit of a show-off. Mostly described as a loveable grump with a hidden, kind hearted and helpful nature. Every night he helps fling the stars into the Sky.

Fuffa Cloud is a playful, overgrown kid who’s learning to rain but needs encouragement. She can change colour and has to be fluffed daily by the Cloudbabies, which she finds a bit of a bother.

Little Star is the youngest of the Sky Friends. An innocent character with a sense of wonder and curiosity. He has to sleep during the day in order to twinkle at night, but is easily tempted out of his cot and into mischief.

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