Join the trains for some animated adventures as they learn valuable lessons about friendship and working together.


Deep in the heart of children's imagination lies the land of Chuggington, where trains have come to life and everything runs on rails. The 'Chuggers' in this magical world are all based on modern engines of every kind, from stream-lined diesel locomotives and electric bullet trains to trolleys and old steam engines. Three apprentice engines (called 'trainees' of course!) are learning to ride the rails and perform essential tasks - Wilson (an eager but slightly impetuous red engine), Brewster (a loyal and rugged freight engine) and Koko (whose speed and daring deeds sometimes get her into mischief).

Our three trainees - Wilson, Brewster and Koko – have moved up to more advanced training. Wilson is a trainee with the Chug Patrol rescue squad and Brewster has joined the Chuggineers – a construction and engineering crew, while Koko learns with Speed Fleet – the fastest passenger trains. They have lots to learn from their mentors, Jackman- the heroic chief of Chug Patrol, Zack, Tyne and Fletch, the highly-skilled Chuggineers and Hanzo, the fastest chugger in Chuggington.

On their adventures, the trainees learn valuable lessons about helping friends, following instructions, keeping promises, and perhaps most of all, enjoying a sense of wonderment about the world. Every Chugger has something to learn, and sometimes it's the older and more experienced ones who must learn from the youngsters!

The educational value of the show

Chuggington helps children to:

  • Understand the importance of friendship and thinking of others.
  • Learn about teamwork and how working together can help solve problems.
  • Learn more about the world around them - eg how trains work.
  • Realise that everyone is different and that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Read about the characters


Wilson is a lively multifunction engine with oodles of enthusiasm. He is eager to learn new skills and always thinks on his wheels as he trains with Chug Patrol. A responsible and heroic character, he’s always ready to rescue!


Koko is a fearless electric passenger trainee built for high speed, who loves to explore and have adventures. The most competitive of the trainees, she is always ready for a race. She puts her confidence and speed to good use as she trains with Chuggington’s Speed Fleet.


Brewster is a solid, dependable diesel-electric trainee built for hauling heavy loads. Earnest and sensible, he has a good eye for detail and likes to run through a list in his head before doing a task – “check!” He takes his duties as a chuggineer-in-training very seriously.

The Chuggers

Action Chugger is a jet propelled super-hero train and movie star. Not only can he race along the tracks at chugasonic speed, but he can fly too! He’s helpful, he’s strong and he gets the job done

Chatsworth is a high energy diesel engine. He’s a loyal friend and a hard worker with a dry sense of humour.

Decka is a decka-lightful, brightly-coloured double-decker chugger with a big personality to match. A very straightforward character, she says it like she sees it!

Dunbar is a shunting engine who has a strong work ethic. He takes great pride in shaping the young trainees to be successful and hard working. He’s always there to help train, encourage and advise them.

Emery is a rapid transport chugger who zips all over town. Cheeky and funny, he loves nothing better than teasing and playing tricks.

Frostini is a slick ice-cream chugger. Glamorous and outgoing, bombastic and regal, he is a real showman who loves creating outrageous ice cream flavours such as Toasted Treacle Tortellini. Everyone loves the Great Frostini!

Harrison is charming and smooth-as-silk. He thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers and considers himself the natural choice for the most prestigious jobs in Chuggington. As one of the faster chuggers, his name has often appeared on the Chugger Championship trophy. He enjoys nothing more than giving the trainees the chance to learn from a master, and is not above showing off a little.

Hodge (so named because he was built from a hodge-podge of spare parts) is a run-around chugger. With his 'seen it all' attitude, it takes a lot to get Hodge excited! Hodge loves his best friend Eddie. Working together, they are a great team.

Hoot and Toot are trainees. They are twin shunting engines, each with a very distinct personality - which can sometimes lead to squabbles, not to mention brother and sister rivalry! Toot (green) is the more dominant of the pair. She's feisty, a little bit naughty, confident and daring. Hoot (blue) prefers to follow the rules. He’s calm, level headed and practical. It takes a lot to get him excited!

Irving handles the rubbish and recycling. He’s a chugger with a perfectionist streak bordering on obsessive-compulsive disorder! Though formal in manner, he has a sympathetic side.

Mtambo is the Safari Park tour guide. He’s travelled widely and knows everything there is to know about animals. He loves to impart his knowledge and tell stories of his adventures – and the young chuggers hang on his every word.

Old Puffer Peteis a steam train and is the oldest chugger in Chuggington – but he’s been looked after so well, he can still chuff up and down the tracks (albeit slowly and wheezily). Pete loves passing his wisdom on to the trainees. He may drive them mad with his endless stories, and sometimes he can’t remember their names, but they're very fond of him. Pete has a great sense of humour.

Olwin is an older steam engine. She always runs to schedule and can’t abide lateness. She isn’t above shirking the dirtier jobs to protect her lovely polished paintwork. She loves the young trainees, and can’t resist calling them her ‘little chug-a-chugs’!

Piper is a steam engine and is the youngest trainee. Like a toddler, she is finding her way in the world. Her vocabulary is limited to words like “no” and “mine”.

Skylar is a crane chugger fresh out of the teacher-training academy. He’s good-natured, patient and very cool – the trainees aspire to be like him. Using his crane, he can perform amazingly dexterous feats with skill and speed.

Speedy McAllister is a steam engine and a friend of Old Puffer Pete and Olwin. He can appear dour, taciturn, and tough - but beneath his gruff exterior (WAY beneath) he has a very kind heart. Speedy is the exact opposite of his name – he is very slow and methodical.

Vee is the warm voice of the announcer with the important role of keeping Chuggington running to schedule. Contactable from every platform, she is always on hand to help.

Zephie is a young trolley chugger, big enough to carry two people. She loves running errands around Chuggington and likes to have fun with her friends.

Chug Patrol

Jackman is the head of Chug Patrol and Wilson’s mentor. He’s brave, heroic, charming, and a born leader. He has a twinkle in his eye and enjoys life to the full. He will challenge and stretch Wilson to his limits to get the best out of him.

Calley is a hard-working, dedicated and reliable rescue and breakdown Chug Patroller. She’s like a big sister to the trainees. She is always ‘absotootly’ ready to rescue!

The Chuggineers

Zack is the foreman of the chuggineers and Brewster’s mentor. He’s a dependable, big-hearted professional who takes his work seriously and has a ‘can do’ attitude. He’s organized and safety conscious, but when off the clock he loves to have a laugh.

Fletch is a rough and ready chuggineer, a solid work hog. Laid back, with a dry sense of humor, he likes to tease his workmate Tyne (who gives as good as she gets!).

Tyne is a chuggineer who specializes in demolition. She’s lively, tomboyish and fearless - no challenge is too great.

Speed Fleet

Hanzo is a super-speedy bullet passenger train and is the head of Speed Fleet and mentor to Koko. He is precise and accurate, sleek and streamlined, serious and respectful – a soft spoken chugger of few words. He’s super-fast, dedicated to his job, and he has a photographic memory.

Tootington Chuggers

Asher is a newly-qualified fire chugger from Tootington – a big brother type, someone the trainees, especially Wilson, can look up to and aspire to be like. He’s confident, modest, kind, easy-going and super cool. He has joined Chug Patrol to give Wilson special fire-training.

Payce is a high speed train from Tootington who acts as a ‘tunnel runner’ between there and Chuggington. She’s confident and very disciplined. Koko looks up to her as a big sister and hopes to be like her someday!

The Humans

Eddie is in charge of track maintenance and repair. He can fix anything from a broken light to an automated chugwash. He runs around on his small pick-up type chugger, Hodge. Eddie is a chirpy ‘big brother’ figure and a good friend to the young chuggers.

Howie runs the Working Wheels Yard where chuggers get washed and fuelled, ready for their day. He’s very much in charge and runs a tight ship, but he’s warm, kind and friendly.

Lori is Morgan’s assistant. She’s kind and has a great sense of humour. She loves nothing better than having a good laugh – even at her own expense.

Mayor Pullman is Chuggington's mayor. She's very involved in Chuggington and enjoys getting to know everyone she represents.

Morgan is the senior mechanic at the depot and is in charge of the maintenance of the chuggers. It is a big honour to have his job and he is highly respected in Chuggington. Morgan is a gentle and caring person, with a very nice ‘trackside manner’! He puts the chuggers’ minds at rest when they have to have repairs done.

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