Charlie and Lola

Join the siblings for some animated stories about daily life as Lola learns more about the world around her.

Charlie and Lola

Aimed at three to seven year olds, the series is voiced by children and uses their language - but the key to the series lies in the special relationship shared between the two siblings. As they come up against life's daily problems (be it a spider or learning how to share), Charlie and Lola use their own method of problem solving: imagination and fantasy. And when Lola is unsure or worried, Charlie is there to support her with humour and logic.

Completely animated in the UK and reflecting the style of the books which have won acclaim the world over, Charlie and Lola is characterised by distinctive and imaginative production techniques, using two-dimensional animation combined with a 'cut-out' style, film archive and photographs.

The educational value of the show

Charlie and Lola helps children to:

  • Get on better with their siblings by following the example of Charlie and Lola.
  • Be more imaginative.
  • How to handle issues that young children encounter every day.

Read about the characters


Charlie is seven. He likes rockets, making racing cars and playing football with his friend Marv, who lives downstairs.


Lola is four, but very nearly five. She likes pink milk, chimpanzees and her best friend Lotta. She is fascinated by everything and is very independent.

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