Boogie Beebies

Get off that sofa and get active by singing and dancing along with the Boogie Beebies gang!

Boogie Beebies

Boogie Beebies aims to get children off their seats and boogying along to pop songs especially created for them. In each programme, the viewer is introduced to a song created around a fun, child-friendly location. The song explores aspects of that location, using it as the basis for a series of moves that will make up a dance-routine.

In our research we have found a huge amount of interest among both boys and girls in learning pop routines and have been impressed with children's ability to pick up quite complicated moves. This seems to be a fairly new phenomenon amongst pre-schoolers as they strive to be like their older siblings and friends. Although in reality it is a short move on from action rhymes, there does seem to be a new keenness to learn routines.

By providing our young viewers with specially-commissioned songs and dance routines suitable for their developmental needs, we hope to tap into this enthusiasm, encourage an interest in dance, healthy movement and singing - and also explore some interesting and inspirational locations with them.

The educational value of the show

Boogie Beebies helps children to:

  • Get off their seats and boogy along to the music.
  • Develop an interest in dance, healthy movement and singing.

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