Get boj-ing with Boj and his buddies.


Boj is a Bilby – a rare bandicoot from the Australian outback. He’s burrowed to Giggly Park with his parents, Mimi and Pops, and they now live in a quirky underground burrow at the centre of a cosmopolitan community. Boj, Mimi and Pops are a creative, resourceful family. They love making new things out of old, eating funny combinations of food and are all great musicians.

Life in Giggly Park is way more sophisticated than in the outback, and life above ground is very different to life below ground, so Boj has a unique perspective on things. There’s always something to discover in his new neighbourhood – and problems to solve using his unique, upside-down, inside out, topsy-turvy way of seeing the world. Whether it’s with twangy elastic, jammy footballs or sploshy paint, Boj can fix anything that’s gone kaput. And with silly games, giggly fun and tickly hugs, he can cheer anyone up!

Boj and his family share Giggly Park with Dr and Mrs Woof and their son Denzil, Mia Twitch and her mum and five brothers, the gadget-loving Bleat family, the Nibblits (who run the health and fitness club) and the park keeper, Mr Cloppity, who keeps things safe.

Boj is a celebration of childhood – the character of Boj shows us all how to loosen up, be free-thinking, creative and resourceful – how to put aside differences and all get along.

Young children will relate to Boj as they, too, begin playing independently for the first time. They’ll enjoy the physical comedy, mess and mayhem, and connect with Boj, who, like them, is a newcomer with lots to learn about the ways of the world.

The series features original songs written by Mick Cooke from Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian, sung by Jason Donovan, who plays Pops.

Join Boj and his buddies and have fun watching clips and singing along.

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