Bing is an authentic 3-year-old boy, who is energetic, playful and open. He’s naturally curious, and approaches new situations with joyful enthusiasm. But because he’s only 3, Bing is experiencing for the first time lots of things that we grown-ups take for granted. His inexperience, coupled with his enthusiasm can sometimes lead to disappointment, and the kind of bumps and upsets that anyone who shares their life with a pre-schooler will recognise!

Just when Bing thinks he’s got the hang of a new skill, life will often swing back and knock him over again – but with a bit of help from his carer, Flop, things usually work out okay in the end.

Bing and Flop share their adventures with Bing’s best friend, Sula, and her carer, Amma, his older cousin Coco and her baby brother Charlie, and Bing’s buddy, Pando, and his carer Padget – and not forgetting Hoppity Voosh – Bing’s favourite superhero soft toy.

The local neighbourhood is Bing’s whole world, and is a typical pre-school environment that extends as far as his house, street, the corner shop, bus stop and park. It features the kind of tiny landmarks that any toddler likes to stop off at when they’re out and about – like the bench where the neighbourhood cat sits. Bing’s neighbourhood could be ‘round any corner, not far away…’

Bing explores and celebrates all the drama of preschool life. Young children tend to feel intense joy, disappointment, rage or delight over even the smallest things – and this series authentically dramatises these experiences, and the everyday lives of toddlers and adults together.

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