Big and Small

Join Big and Small and their friends for a rollercoaster of crazy adventures. Anything could happen along the way!

Big and Small

Big and Small follows the comic adventures of two unlikely best friends, and features the voices of Lenny Henry and Imelda Staunton. Lenny voices both Big and Small whilst Imelda voices their friends Ruby (a mouse) and Twiba (The Worm who lives in Big's Apple).

Big and Small live in a house in the countryside with two front doors, one big and one little. Small refuses to use the little front door! It is the perfect world for adventures. There is a pond where two frogs live, a garden shed, an apple tree with a swing and even 'mysterious' woods at the end of the garden.

Through funny, fast-paced, engaging stories, with a song in each episode, young viewers are encouraged to see the world from very different perspectives.

As well as being very funny, Big and Small also model some important behaviours for young children. They always resolve their conflicts with warmth and humour. Their concern for each other encourages pre-schoolers to think beyond themselves, to become more aware of the different views around them and so learn to be more sensitive to the needs of others.

Every episode has a song in a different musical style, from Blues to Rock & Roll, from lullabies to Sambas, from reggae to opera - there are highly memorable songs to delight young children and make their parents laugh.

Both Big and Small are puppets. Together, they prove that fun comes in all shapes and sizes!

The educational value of the show

Big and Small helps children to:

  • Become more aware of different viewpoints - and so learn to be more sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Think about ways to resolve conflicts and get along with others.

Read about the characters

Big and Small

From a physical standpoint, Big and Small are so different in size that they literally see and act upon the world in very different ways. Big and Small also have distinct personalities. Even when placed in an identical situation, they act, react and feel differently from one another. Big is gentle, kind and a little dreamy, while Small is loud, exuberant and always in a hurry. He acts first and thinks later. Their differences lead to lots of funny confusion and misunderstandings that will make pre-schoolers hoot with laughter!

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