What's the story in Balamory? Have fun and sing along with the friendly residents of this colourful, seaside town.


Balamory is a drama with human characters who interact with each other and the viewer. Whilst the characters are extrovert and colourful, there is a strong sense of reality in everything they do which is backed up by the use of real children and real events.

A new story is told every day and reaches its conclusion over the programme's 20-minute duration. Within the narrative are songs to entertain and sing along with, inspirational activities with makes and games and informative events.

Filmed on a real island location, Balamory gives children a strong sense of place. They are able to learn where everyone lives and have the island's town mapped out in their head.

Educational value of the show

Balamory helps children to:

  • Develop a strong sense of community.
  • Value the importance of friendship and helping others.
  • Be creative and experiment - using their imagination to develop different skills.

Read about the characters

Miss Hoolie

Miss Hoolie is the nursery school teacher, the narrator around whom all stories revolve. Bright, sparkly, humorous, forgetful, engaging, warm, quirky, in fact she is every child's dream teacher and the source from which all the stories radiate. Something of an eccentric, she has a cheeky sense of humour. She is fearless and exudes positivity, always certain that every question has an answer, whether it is right or wrong hardly seems important as long as the mind is stimulated. She loves children and empathises with their simplistic outlook on the world. She has a special soft spot for PC Plum - and he for her.

Archie the Inventor

Archie lives in a pink castle and occasionally helps Miss Hoolie at the nursery school, where he uses his talents for making things. His castle tower houses his wide ranging set of salvaged items from which he constructs his various madcap inventions. Among the number are vintage yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, pebbles, newspapers, cardboard boxes and reams and reams of sticky tape and string. Each invention is generally aimed at helping to make both his and his chums lives a little easier, though his intervention can sometimes create havoc. He is aided at times by Nobby, his mechanical robotic friend.

PC Plum

PC Plum is a warm-hearted community policeman, who can always be spotted riding around town on his bicycle. He sharpens his investigative skills in the town by keeping a close check on the local flora and fauna and following all the clues left by the wildlife. As a result, he has a wide knowledge of natural history. He has been known to stop traffic for hours to let a hedgehog or a family of toads to cross the road and finds great satisfaction following a snail's silvery trail to its woodland hideout. With a swish of his trusty magnifying glass, every footprint, every call, every plant or animal of every type will be identified by PC Plum's keen eye.

He enjoys sharing the tales of his adventures on the island with the villagers over a cup of tea. In fact, you've only to brew a fresh pot of tea in Balamory and you can be certain that PC Plum will be ringing your doorbell before you've a chance to say “One lump or two?”

PC Plum is first and foremost a policeman and is never happier than when he is solving one of the many mysteries that happen in Balamory.

Other characters

Edie McCredie drives the Balamory nursery school bus. She is a cheery, strong, determined, down to earth highlander with a passion for travel, especially on buses. She has visited the four corners of the world, from Peru to Paris and has framed photographs and souvenirs from her many trips covering the walls of her home. Her passion for buses has led to her living above the bus garage, which she enters via a fireman's pole descending through the floor of her living room. She knows everything there is to know about engines and the way they work and can fix anything mechanical.

Josie Jump is in charge of physical education at the primary school next door to Miss Hoolie's nursery school. She is mad about movement and dance and her enthusiasm isn't only reserved to the gym or dance classes but covers all aspects of sport. She referees the football and the rugby, is captain of the swimming team, she coaches basketball and has been the Balamory cricket team's top scorer for two seasons on the trot. Josie also has a real gift for telling stories via expression, movement and dance. This is a gift, which comes in very handy when she's up at the nursery.

Spencer is a painter, indeed he paints all the coloured houses that line the harbour front and streets of Balamory. In his spare time, he also loves to paint pictures. He is cool and laid-back and sees the world as a variety of wonderful colours and sounds. Spencer also has a musical side, playing his guitar and joining in with the children at the nursery for musical events. He travels around the island on his brightly coloured bicycle, complete with a trailer, which houses his collection of paint pots, brushes, extendable ladders and a variety of his percussive musical instruments.

Penny Pocket runs the village shop and cafe with her friend Suzie. Penny's talent lies not in her imagination but in her logic. Give her a puzzle and a mathematical problem to solve and she will have the answer before you can say “Two tins of baked beans please!". Penny is the brains behind the business, an organisational whizzkid who is keen to modernise and stream line the running of the shop and to make Pocket & Sweet a brand leader.

Suzie Sweet is Penny Pocket's business partner. She's the antidote to Penny's business-like attitude and loves to spend time telling tales about every item sold in the shop. This storytelling makes her an excellent sales person and she has the ability to sell anything to anyone. Suzie does occasionally get into a muddle much to the exacerbation of Penny but her culinary skills in the kitchen will always win Penny over.

Learning areas

  • Understanding the world

  • Communicating

  • Emotions & behaviour


Age suitability

Toddler, Pre-school, School

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