Baby Jake

Travel to incredible lands and meet some amazing creatures with cute and curious Baby Jake and his animal friends.

Baby Jake

Baby Jake is a nine-month-old baby boy and the youngest of 10 children who live in a windmill with their parents.

At the heart of the show is the relationship between Baby Jake and Isaac, Jake's six-year-old brother. Isaac is the narrator on the show and can understand all of Baby Jake's giggles and gurgles. Isaac also opens the door to an imaginary world where Baby Jake sings, dances and baby-talks with his animal friends Pengy Quin, Sydney the Monkey, Nibbles the Rabbit and the Hamsternauts.

Baby Jake and big brother Isaac are back with more magic adventures, along with Pengy Quin the Penguin, Sydney the Monkey, Nibbles the Rabbit and Captain Spacey and the Hamsternauts.

The new series introduces brand new ways for Baby Jake to get around on his imaginary escapades: Diggery the Digger, Scamp the Scooter and even a flying polar bear all join the fun, as he plays Musical Statues with the Hamsternauts in space, chases a runaway penguin egg with Pengy Quin the Penguin, dances ballet with Nibbles the Rabbit and discovers fireflies with Sydney the Monkey.

A mixture of live action and 2D photographic animation, Baby Jake combines gentle, enchanting storytelling, carefully crafted humour and stunning animation to bring to life the magical imagination of a young child and to celebrate the special bond between two young siblings.

The educational value of the show

Baby Jake helps children to:

  • Learn the value of family relations through the real-life examples provided.
  • Develop key social and emotional skills that are integral to the functioning of a healthy family.
  • Explore and encourage a healthy imagination, which will help develop and encourage creativity.

Read about the characters

Baby Jake

Baby Jake is a cuddly and curious nine-month-old baby boy. He loves nothing more than being the centre of attention with his siblings - that's when he's not travelling to incredible lands, playing with amazing creatures and gurgling and goo-ing with his big brother, Isaac.


Isaac is Baby Jake's protective, adoring six-year-old brother. He loves playing with Jake - which is just as well because, when Jake goes on his adventures, Isaac is always on hand to share the fun and translate exactly what Baby Jake is saying.

The Hamsternauts

The Hamsternauts are identical space hamsters who are present in all Baby Jake's outer space adventures. They work in super-efficient harmony to locate and collect hamster treats and often perform dances which Baby Jake joins in with.

Other characters

Sydney the Monkey loves swinging from tree to tree in her lovely, lush green paradise. She loves bananas and enjoys mimicking Baby Jake. Sydney is a little mischievous and Baby Jake never knows where he'll end up with this cheeky monkey!

Pengy Quin is very creative, using his wings to carve igloos, snow jumps and statues. He is a little clumsy on land but, in the water, he swims with grace and beauty. Pengy Quin always carries a telescope so that he can be on the lookout for the next adventure.

Nibbles the Rabbit can burrow through anything and can pop up anywhere. He loves jumping from behind a tree and making Baby Jake jump and giggle. Nibbles loves using his pogo stick and Baby Jake is always guaranteed an exciting, bouncy game whenever he's with Nibbles.

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