Andy's Wild Adventures

Learn about animals and their environments as Andy takes you on a wild adventure.

Andy and Kip in the Kip mobile

Andy’s Wild Adventures is an innovative natural history series in which CBeebies presenter Andy Day invites children to join him on a wild animal adventure.

Andy is an animal keeper in a park and in each episode, we see him interacting with the animals along with his feline friend and inventor Kip. Andy has experiences in the zoo that inspire him to find out more, and Kip provides the means for Andy to live out this dream.

Andy’s Wild Adventures uses cutting edge green screen technology to take viewers all over the world meeting animals such as meerkats, penguins, gorillas, elephants, giraffes, grizzly bears and lots more!

You can also join Andy online. The website features rich, photo-real environments inhabited by 'real' animals, with an expandable Fact-file. Users can navigate the environments, interact with the animals, play games and learn about animals in their habitats.

The educational value of the content:
• Links the animal with its natural habitat
• Develop imagination and a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world
• Cultivate a sense of adventure

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