This is no ordinary pop-up book... this is where the Abadas live!

Boy waving to the Abadas characters

In a busy corner of Ben’s bedroom lies a well-thumbed, well cherished pop-up book. This is no ordinary pop-up book... this is where the Abadas live!

Hari the hippo, Ela the fox and Seren the bat are the most curious, adventurous and funniest pop-up animals that any book could possibly have. Once the book is opened, the Abadas’ world comes alive and it’s playtime for the three adventurers.

The educational value of the show

Abadas helps children to:

  • learn new vocabulary that corresponds with objects they are likely to come across in childhood
  • organise talk and re-tell a story in its correct sequence
  • ask and respond to questions, and tell others what they have learned.

Read about the characters


Ela the fox is the bossyboots of the gang. She’s never backwards in coming forwards and will often suggest what to play and how to play it. She loves to go on her 'furtastic word game' adventures, and with a 'special nose' like she has, can sniff out all sorts of clues and objects.

Dancing and performing are her favourite hobbies and she won’t pass up an opportunity to have a go, even at the most inopportune moments! She dreams of being a performer on the stage, a princess, or failing that, a hairdresser - although she’s not too fond of washing her fur! These, and spending time with her friends, make her 'wiggly happy'


Seren is Welsh for ‘star’, and that’s exactly what Seren (the bat) is, although she’s not really aware of it. She has a lovely singing voice and happily hums a tune as she flies from place to place.

Although small, she considers herself to be the ‘superhero’ of the group and is often heard calling 'Super Seren’s on her way!'. Seren, like Ela, has a mischevious side and will happily play silly tricks on her friends. Like all bats, Seren will happily play at night - much to Hari’s annoyance, but he often gets his own back by keeping her awake during the day when it’s his time to play!


Hari the hippo is the shyest of the group and struggles sometimes to keep up with the other two livewires. He’s a little self conscious when they play fast games like catch, because he can’t runs as fast as Ela, nor fly like Seren. However, give him a muddy pond, a stream or the sea and he’s as fast as can be!

Hari loves all sorts of things - having books read to him, a 'snuggy wuggly' place to sleep, mud, water... and baking chocolate cakes! Hari will readily have a go at anything . He’s a happy young boy who loves to play - in fact, to put it his own words, he’s a 'ha-ha-happy hippo'!

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