64 Zoo Lane

Join Lucy as she goes on some magical night-time adventures with the animals living at the zoo near her house.Who will she meet tonight?

64 Zoo Lane

Humour plays a large part in 64 Zoo Lane, and the story lines are simple and easy to follow.

The scene is set in a street where the main character, Lucy, lives close to a zoo. Every night, the animals from the zoo join her to tell a story. The themes carry positive messages on social and emotional development by discussing issues surrounding friendships, helping and caring for others. These exciting stories eventually prepare Lucy for a cosy night's sleep.

Opportunities for exploring language and vocabulary are enhanced by the use of intonation and expression in the character's voices. Playing with words in this way can promote an enjoyment of language and can be used as a springboard for understanding new vocabulary.

The educational value of the show

64 Zoo Lane helps children to:

  • Develop socially and emotionally - by discussing issues surrounding friendships, helping and caring for others.
  • Explore language and vocabulary.

Read about the characters


Lucy is a very happy and curious seven-year-old girl. She lives at 64 Zoo Lane and has great friends - the animals from the zoo! Every night before bed, she likes listening to their adventures and all their stories.


Georgina the giraffe is like Lucy's big sister. She is very playful and full of imagination. Lucy never gets bored around her.


Molly is a very quiet hippo who loves to dance with her best friend Nathalie.

Other characters

Boris is a very greedy and distracted bear. He is also very famous for his 'Dance of the Russian Bear'.

Nelson sometimes happens to be grumpy but he has a heart of gold. He loves Giggles and Tickles' jokes.

Giggles and Tickles are a bit crazy and their names perfectly describe their favourite activity - laughing and tickling all those who approach them.

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