The Benefits of Children Playing Online

How CBeebies games can help your child develop certain skills

Mother and child playing online

We have made a film with Lydia Plowman, Professor of Education and Technology at Edinburgh University, who has conducted research into the benefits of playing CBeebies games online. Here she looks at some of the worries parents have about letting their young children play online and what key benefits playing online can have for your child. She also looks at some CBeebies online, mobile and tablet games that are ideal for younger players and advises on how best to support your child when they’re playing.

Her advice for helping your child get the most out of playing online is to:

Share the experience: Choose things that you both like doing so you can enjoy sharing time at the computer when you can.

Talk about what you’re doing and why: Think aloud when you play. ‘Let’s click on this one because…’ or ‘We’ve got two choices here. Which one is best?’ Encourage your child to think about what will happen if they choose a particular action or element of the game.

Involve other members of the family: Older brothers and sisters may love being the teacher and showing them what to do, or grandparents may enjoy the opportunity to share the experience and spend some time on a one-to-one activity.

Aim for a mix of activities at and away from the computer: such as dressing up, singing songs or painting pictures relating to the game they’ve been playing.

Why not play one of the games in the video with your little one?

Baby Jake's Drive and Find

Something Special - Tumble Tapp Snap

Or if you're on a mobile or tablet device, you can play our Old Jack's Boat Find a Fish game

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