What's this learning area about

When you see an activity labelled with the ‘Physical development’ icon onCBeebies,it means that it can help your child to develop the skills needed for movement, awareness of the body, gaining a sense of space and understanding health and what the body needs. 

This area of learning looks at how children develop their ability to move their bodies, hands, feet and fingers and use their senses and movements to explore the world around them. Children also learn to take care of their body, by being aware of what is healthy and developing good hygiene. 

You might have heard people talk about ‘fine’ motor skills or ‘gross’ motor skills. These skills are simply actions that involve a person using their muscles.

Fine motor skills are small precise movements, needed for things like holding a pencil or using cutlery, and gross motor skills are larger movements, for example, crawling, walking and running. Like any other skill, babies and children need to practice movements regularly to get them right.

Develop your child's physical skills

CBeebies Grown-ups has lots of resources you can use to help develop your little one’s physical skills, whatever stage they are at:

At CBeebies, our learning areas reflect those found in the Early Years curricula of the UK; the EYFS in England and Wales, the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, and the Foundation Stage in Northern Ireland.

These are the guidelines that all educational settings (like nurseries, schools and child-minders) follow, to help children develop knowledge, skills and understanding using a fun, play-based approach.

We reflect these learning areas so you can be sure that what your child learns from CBeebies perfectly complements what they are taught when they get to nursery and school.

Physical Development links to Physical Development (England), Health and Wellbeing (Scotland), Physical Development (Wales) and Physical Development and Movement (Northern Ireland)

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