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Answering all your CBeebies questions such as birthdays cards, our postal address, technical problems and many more.

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Here at CBeebies and CBeebies Grown-ups we get a lot of queries on a lot of topics. We love to hear from you but unfortunately, we do not have the time to answer each of your queries personally. We have pulled together this section to try and answer as many questions as we can.

We have a FAQs page for the frequently asked questions that we get on the email and through social media. Birthdays is always a popular subject so we have a page dedicated to telling you more about the different ways that CBeebies can help celebrate with you and your child. As the safety of our CBeebies children is always at our heart, we have also pulled together some tips on safety as your little one grows and starts exploring the web.

If after reading everything, you still cannot find an answer, then please do drop us an email or chat to us through our social media pages. There is a contact form at the end of the FAQ page.

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