Below are the answers to some popular queries about CBeebies. If the answer to your question isn't included here, and you would like to send in a comment, complaint or appreciation to the BBC, you can do so via the Contact the BBC page.























How do I send in a birthday card to be read out on the CBeebies channel?

All the information about how to send in a birthday card can be found on the birthdays page.

Can I watch CBeebies Birthdays on iPlayer?

No. CBeebies Birthday cards are only shown on the CBeebies Channel and are not available to watch on iPlayer or the CBeebies website after transmission. If you are looking out for a birthday card on TV, please watch or record the CBeebies Birthdays slots on the appropriate day.

The times for when the CBeebies Birthdays are shown on TV each day can be found on our birthdays page. These details are updated each week on a Friday evening with times for the new week starting on Saturday, so make sure to check back on the Friday evening before the birthday.

Why are CBeebies Birthdays no longer on iPlayer?

Uploading the many CBeebies Birthdays across a week to the BBC iPlayer is a much more complex process than for full programmes and we found that they were watched by significantly fewer people.

As such, we decided that the time and resource spent on this complex process could be better served directly on making new programmes and games for you.

We know how much you enjoy seeing your childrens’ birthday cards on CBeebies, so we provide exact details of the times you can see the birthday cards each week on our birthdays page.

These times are updated each week on a Friday evening for the new week starting on Saturday, so make sure to check back when you are looking out for a Birthday card on CBeebies.

I missed seeing my child's birthday card being read out, can you send me a recording?

Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to provide any recordings.

Why isn't my child's name available on the Birthday Time game? 

When creating the Birthday Time game, we tried to include as wide variety of names as we possibly could, but inevitably there will be some that we've missed. For this reason, the message generator does include some affectionate terms that can be used instead of a name but we do understand that it is disappointing not to be able to find your child’s name on the list.

Unfortunately, because of the age of the game and the type of technology it is built in, there isn’t an easy way for us to add new names on an ad hoc basis. However, it is likely that we'll create a new birthday message generator in the future so we will review the list of names at that point.


How can my child be in the audience for a CBeebies show?

There is always lots of interest in being part of the audience for CBeebies shows. The BBC has made a commitment to making these opportunities as open as possible and, where possible, will now advertise them on our How to take part in a CBeebies show page or on the BBC shows and tours website. When an opportunity arises we will also post this on the CBeebies Grown-ups social media sites.

How can my family be in the audience for the CBeebies Panto?

Information on this year's CBeebies Panto is available below and onthe CBeebies Grown-ups website.

Can my child be in the audience for Swashbuckle?

Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to consider individual requests for children to appear on the programme, or be in the studio audience.

Children taking part in the first two series of Swashbuckle and appearing in the studio audience were found through casting sessions run by the production team in a wide range of schools and nurseries.

Like all such sessions, these take account of a variety of factors, for example, age range and type of contribution required.

We are not currently looking for children to take part in filming, and regret that we can't consider requests for individual children, or specific schools/nurseries to appear on future episodes.


Can I apply for tickets for this year's CBeebies Panto / Christmas show?

Unfortunately not. Free tickets for the recordings of this year’s show – CBeebies Alice in Wonderland at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff on 6th/7th November 2015 – were allocated through a public ballot that was open for applications from 6th October at 11am until 13th October at 11am. The ballot is now closed.

I applied for tickets in the ballot – when will I know if I have been successful?

Tickets will be issued at random after the closing date and successful applicants will receive an email. There is a maximum of six tickets per application and e-tickets for successful applicants will be sent out by Tuesday 20th October 2015.

Important information about the recording

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Parents of younger children can apply at their own discretion, but please be aware that this is a television recording and children will need to sit and participate for an unbroken period.  For this reason the show is recommended for children aged 4 and upwards.

The production team reserves the right to remove audience members who are causing a major disruption to the recording.

Do I need tickets for all the adults in my group?

Yes. Tickets are required for every member of your group, including children and adults. Also, bear in mind that all ticket holders must make their own travel arrangements to the venue in Cardiff.

Find out more about the recording here.

Someone in my party has access requirements – what should I do?

There is space for you to list any access requirements and to request wheelchair spaces as part of your ballot application on BBC Shows and Tours.

If you or your child has additional needs that will affect your ability to queue on the day, please speak to one of our studio audience team on the day, who will be happy to help you.

Does my e-ticket guarantee me a place at the recording?

Please keep in mind that having a ticket is not a specific seat allocation and does not guarantee a place. Because some people apply for tickets but then regretfully do not go on to use them, the BBC issues more tickets than available spaces to ensure that the theatre is full for filming purposes. This is standard practice for all BBC recordings, so we have to tell you this when you apply.

In the past it has been extremely unusual for anyone to be turned away from the CBeebies panto recordings. That said, it is always a good idea to turn up in plenty of time on the day if you can. If anyone in your group has access requirements that will affect their ability to queue please speak to one of the studio audience team on the day, who will be happy to help you.

I have a question about the venue for the recordings or what to do on the day

For information about the venue – for example, how to get there, where to park, information about bringing pushchairs etc, please visit The Wales Millennium Centre website.


Can my child take part in one of the television or radio programmes?

Unfortunately not. Children taking part in CBeebies programmes are usually found through casting sessions run by the production teams to find children to take part in a particular show.

Casting sessions usually take place in nurseries or schools, and take account of many factors: different shows require different types of contribution, which might include specific age ranges or children with links to the subject talked about in a particular programme.

We receive many requests for children to take part in programmes like Swashbuckle and I Can Cook. We are not looking for children to take part in filming and we regret that we are unable to consider requests for individual children or specific schools/nurseries to appear on future episodes.

Should any open opportunities to be considered for a programme arise, they will be detailed on our How to take part in a CBeebies show page.

Can my child take part in Swashbuckle?

Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to consider individual requests for children to appear on the programme, or be in the studio audience.

Children taking part in Swashbuckle and appearing in the studio audience are found through casting sessions run by the production team in a wide range of schools and nurseries.

Like all such sessions, these take account of a variety of factors, for example, age range and type of contribution required.

For Swashbuckle, it's particularly important that we find four children for each programme who are friends and who work well together, so by finding children through their schools with the help of their teachers, we can better manage expectations about appearing on the show.

We are not currently looking for children to take part in filming, and regret that we can't consider requests for individual children, or specific schools/nurseries to appear on future episodes.


How to send in to CBeebies

Send in your material to CBeebies and have a chance of it being shown on TV or online.

You can find lots of opportunities to send in your pictures, video clips and audio recordings in the Join In section of the CBeebies website.

Please read the Top Tips below to stand a better chance of your work being included. 

Please keep in mind that we won’t be able to notify you individually if your family’s work is going to be featured on television, radio or online – so please remember to watch the programme, check the website or listen to the CBeebies Radio podcasts to see if you can spot your contribution.

Due to the sheer volume of submissions, it will not be possible for all submissions to be shown on the programme or to be included in the online galleries.

Top Tips

To have the best chance of seeing your submission on TV or online, or hearing your audio file on CBeebies Radio, we advise the following:

  • Provide the first name only and age of the child.
  • For child protection reasons, do not tell social media that you have uploaded it. The social media team will delete any posts referencing this. 
  • Make sure that any video clips are filmed in landscape (wide) as opposed to portrait (tall) as this is better for TV.
  • If any of your video clips or pictures include characters please make sure that you only use CBeebies ones as commercial images cannot be used for copyright reasons. This includes characters and brands on children’s clothing.
  • Please make sure that there are no identifiable logos on the child's clothes. For example, no school logos should be visible.
  • Provide an explanation about what it is that you are sending in. It’s always nice to have a bit of a background story!
  • If the Uploader button does not appear to work - please ensure you have filled in all the required fields and that the file size is within the maximum. Also, if you clicked on the uploader link from within the Facebook mobile app (e.g. if you’re using Facebook on your mobile or tablet device), you may find that the link is blocked by the Facebook browser. If this happens the best thing to do is visit the link in a web browser (like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) rather than within Facebook’s own browser.

You can upload your submissions here. 

Can my child send in a question for Nina?

Questions can be emailed to Unfortunately Nina is unable to respond to individual letters or emails due to the large number of questions she receives.

Questions that are sent in are passed on to the production team, but we cannot guarantee that your child's question will be used in the programme. Do keep watching as you might find a similar question investigated on the show.

How can I send a Star of the Week message to my child on interactive TV (BBC Red Button)?

You can email your Star of the Week message to


Can CBeebies make a donation to our charity fundraiser?

The BBC is a publicly funded organisation which means that we cannot support one specific business or organisation over another. The BBC is unable to fund individual charities or concerns and cannot use licence fee payer money to fund other organisations.


Can I get a presenter to come along to an event?

Unfortunately it’s not possible for CBeebies presenters or characters to attend charity events or fun days.

Can I get a signed photograph of a presenter or character?

We regret that we can’t provide photographs of any of our presenters or performers.

How do I get in touch with…

Please understand that we can’t give you contact details for presenters or members of our production teams. We do pass on messages, but we cannot always guarantee a response.


Is there a toy/book/CD/DVD available from my child’s favourite programme and where do I buy it?

We cannot help with BBC merchandise queries, as that falls under a 'commercial activity' and we're not allowed to be commercial. Internet search, relevant retailers or other parents may be able to tell you what (if anything) is available.

Is Fun With Phonics available to buy on DVD?

Fun with Phonics is available on DVD for schools and DVD and Book packs are available on the domestic market. You could use a search engine and look for “fun with phonics”. Razzledazzle is available on DVD for schools to buy, but is not available on the domestic market.


How do I contact a CBeebies magazine?

We can’t help with enquiries about CBeebies magazines, as they’re produced by a commercial publisher. Please contact CBeebies magazines directly if you have a query. Your magazine should feature a contact email address within the publication details.


I have a question about CBeebies Live…

We cannot help with queries about CBeebies Live arena shows because they are produced by BBC Worldwide (the commercial division of the BBC), and we aren't allowed to be involved with any commercial activity. If you have a question about CBeebies Live please contact BBC Worldwide directly through the CBeebies Live website.


How can I find out about CBeebies Land?

Unfortunately, CBeebies can’t answer queries about CBeebies Land, because it's a paid for attraction managed by Alton Towers Resort in partnership with BBC Worldwide, the BBC's commercial division.

Any queries about CBeebies Land should be sent to Alton Towers Resort or BBC Worldwide, who will happily deal with your query. Please contact Alton Towers Resort directly via their online form.


How do I find out when a programme will be broadcast on CBeebies?

The schedule for programmes currently being shown on CBeebies can be found on the CBeebies TV Guide. We regret that we cannot answer individual queries about when a show will be on CBeebies, or about when a series will return to the channel.

Why isn’t my child’s favourite programme on anymore?

The CBeebies schedule is updated every now and then so that everybody gets a chance to see their favourite programmes and to keep the schedule varied and fresh. We try to offer a balanced schedule that everyone enjoys, as we know viewers have their own favourite programmes and regular viewing.

We're sorry if such changes disrupt your routine - we always try to ensure that programmes and slots are clearly signposted via trails and our presenters.

We rotate some older series, such as Balamory, because we have to balance bringing different titles into the schedule at different times of the year within a fixed amount of airtime.

As a result, some shows will not be on TV for a while because they have made way for other programmes in the schedule.

Everyone has their favourite shows and children at different stages of development prefer different shows, so we try to balance our offering by providing a schedule that suits the majority audience and by rotating shows carefully. Occasionally, programmes are removed from the CBeebies schedule because licences have not been renewed.

We regret that we cannot answer individual queries about when a show is going to return to CBeebies.

Why are CBeebies shows repeated throughout the day?

The CBeebies schedule is always made up of a mixture of new programmes and older, familiar shows. Our schedule is built on the premise that most little ones are watching a small amount of television each day, and so we repeat blocks of programmes through the day to accommodate children with different routines watching at different times - therefore, if you were to watch CBeebies all day, you would certainly see some programmes and links more than once.

Likewise, we’re aware that our audience are only with us for a limited number of years - as they get older children move on to new stages of development and become interested in different programmes.

We have also found that younger children are discovering some of our older programmes for the first time, so we try to provide a balance between much-loved staples and new programmes.


Can I watch CBeebies on BBC iPlayer?

You can watch CBeebies programmes online by using CBeebies iPlayer. BBC iPlayer allows you to watch programmes up to seven days after they have been broadcast. If you want to watch a programme after this period of time you will have to download it, where you will be able to store it for 30 days on your computer. For more information, please see BBC iPlayer Help.

Is it possible to watch CBeebies live online?

Yes, provided that you have a TV licence, you can watch CBeebies live as it is broadcast on TV, via the CBeebies website and BBC iPlayer.

I am having a problem with the CBeebies iPlayer…

If you're experiencing problems with watching programmes using BBC iPlayer, please visit the BBC iPlayer Help pages.


Where can I download CBeebies apps?

The CBeebies Playtime app is available to download via the Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone 8 app stores.

The CBeebies Storytime app is available to download via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon stores for mobile and tablet devices.

What is the difference between the CBeebies apps and the CBeebies website on mobile and tablet devices?

The CBeebies website ( offers free games, clips and more for your little ones via a web browser, which requires an internet connection, whereas the CBeebies Playtime and Storytime apps (once downloaded) are installed on your device which means that they are available for your little ones to use on the go with no WiFi or 3G connection needed.

The Storytime app makes the most of the touch screen and native features of handheld devices, as well as allowing read and play ‘on the go’ without the need for WiFi.

The app benefits from certain interactions that desktop devices can’t deliver, such as the use of tilt and using the microphone output.

These extra interactions create fun and an engaging experience for our young audience, their parents and carers.

What devices can I use to download and access the CBeebies apps?

CBeebies apps are compatible with the following list of core devices and software versions but may also work on others too:

CBeebies Playtime

Software version:

Android 4.0.4 and above

iOS 6.1.3 and above

Windows Phone 8

CBeebies Storytime

Software version:

Android 4.0.4 and above

iOS 6.1.3 and above

Device List:

iPhone (4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c)

iPad (2, 3, 4, Mini, Air)

Samsung Galaxy (S2, S3, S4, S3 Mini)

Kindle Fire HD

Google Nexus 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3

iPod 4th and 5th Generation

Tesco Hudl

Playtime only:

Nokia Lumia 520

The following devices are not supported:

iPad 1

iPhone 3GS

iPod 3rd Generation

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Why won’t the CBeebies Playtime / Storytime app work on my device?

As with the CBeebies website, as hard as we might try not every tablet or mobile device on the market will support this new technology but we have made every effort to cater for some of the most recent touch screen mobile devices available.

If you have recently updated the software on your Hudl2, you may be experiencing some problems using the Playtime or Storytime apps. We are currently investigating this issue with our technical team and hope to update you on this soon.  

Why am I having problems updating the Playtime app (including Advent Calendar 2015)?

If you are using Playtime on Android 4.2 or lower, you may experience problems when updating to the latest version which contains our advent calendar. We have investigated this issue and fixed it, which means you may get prompted to update the app at some point. Don’t worry if you don’t receive one, as your device may update in the background automatically.

Why am I not able to see new stories in the Storytime library?

If you’re having trouble seeing the new or latest stories in our Storytime app, this may be because we have recently updated the app with lots of new and improved interactions, which are only compatible with the newest stories  Simply update the Storytime app via the Apple iTunes or Google Play store to keep your library updated with all our latest stories!

Why is there no sound on my device?

Some users have reported hearing no sound from the CBeebies Playtime App. We have investigated this thoroughly and can find no faults on our supported devices.

However with some devices such as the iPad you can use the side switch to either lock the screen orientation or to mute some iPad sounds (customisable in the settings) which might be the cause of a few unintentional sound issues for people.

Do I need a WiFi connection to use the CBeebies apps?

You will need a WiFi connection to initially download CBeebies apps to your mobile or tablet but currently once downloaded you no longer need an internet connection. Your little one can take their CBeebies world out and about; to the supermarket, in the car, or even on holiday abroad!

It’s a great way to keep little ones entertained without having to worry about a WiFi connection or data allowance.

Why can’t I find the app on my Windows Phone 8 device?

Once installed the CBeebies Playtime app will be available in the ‘games’ section of your phone. CBeebies Storytime is not currently available for Windows Phone 8.

Why am I having to download all of the Storytime app stories with the latest update on IOS?

With the 2.2 Storytime app update some people may have lost and had to re-download their stories. This is due to a technical regulation and we are working very closely with Apple to resolve this issue.

Is the Storytime app available in multiple languages?

In the Apple iTunes app store it references that the Storytime app is available in multiple languages. This is an error and the CBeebies Storytime app is currently only available to download in English within the UK only and we are in touch with Apple to try and resolve this.

Why is the latest Playtime app update not available on my Windows Phone 8 device?

As with the CBeebies website, as hard as we might try we aren't able to support every tablet or mobile device on the market but we have made every effort to cater for some of the most recent touch screen mobile devices available.

How can I allow the CBeebies Playtime/Storytime app to use the camera or microphone on my device?

CBeebies Playtime and Storytime app allows you to use the microphone and/ or camera on your device to play and interact with some of the games and stories. Once the app is installed or updated, the app requests your permission to access the camera and microphone on your device. This happens only once, so as not to interrupt your child’s experience by asking every time they play.

If you or your child have accidentally denied this access and you now want to allow it, or if you’d simply like to change this setting at any time, you can do so in your device settings.

For example, on an IOS mobile or tablet, go to 'Settings' on the device, then 'Privacy', then ‘microphone’ or 'photos'. You should then be able to see a list of apps that have asked for permission to use the microphone or camera and whether this is currently enabled or disabled.

Setting either Playtime or Storytime to ‘enabled’ should allow you to enjoy the app using the microphone and camera on to your device.

Will there be more games and stories available for free in the future?

Yes! There will be more stories featuring favourite CBeebies characters in the near future. Keep updated on the Playtime and Storytime app pages.

I'm having a problem with the CBeebies apps that isn't covered here.

If your question isn't answered here, please contact for support.


What is CBeebies Radio?

CBeebies Radio is a daily web-based radio show for pre-school children. It’s a place where children can join in and share adventures in the company of their favourite CBeebies friends. We also have online listening activities where they can listen and join in even more. CBeebies Radio is here to help grown-ups and their family routines - listen, download and take away!

How can my child listen to CBeebies Radio?

You can either listen to CBeebies online using the CBeebies Radio Player, or download our podcast to your mobile, tablet or mp3 device. Each week we have seven shows available in the Radio Player, and you can go to the BBC Podcasts page to download any of those shows to keep forever.


Why isn’t the CBeebies website working for me?

There could be a number of reasons why the CBeebies website is not working for you. Many areas of the CBeebies site require a free Flash plug-in to play certain games or video content. If you do not have Flash on your computer, we always try to tell you on the website when you need it, as well as providing non-Flash alternatives. However you can download Flash for free from Adobe.

Another reason why the site may not be working is that we may be experiencing technical difficulties, which we always try to fix as soon possible. If this is the case please wait a little while and then come back to the site later, once we have had time to fix the problem.

When trying to view the CBeebies homepage, I’m seeing a message that says ‘oops, you can’t see this activity’ – what should I do?

If you're seeing this message, it's likely that the browser you're using isn't a sufficiently up to date version to access the content on the homepage

If you are using Internet Explorer 7, you will need to update to IE8 or above in order to use the content on the homepage.

Why have the CBeebies icon buttons at the top of the website changed?

There is an exciting new ‘Join In’ section on the CBeebies website which will give the audience lots of new opportunities to become part of the CBeebies magic by sharing pictures, videos and more. The website is a busy place and so, to make room, we needed to look at what could be moved. We also took this opportunity to look at reflecting which buttons are the most popular with the audience in the line-up.

The Stories page was the least visited from all the buttons and so the decision was made that it should be removed. Don’t worry though – we still love our stories and they are all still there appearing under the relevant shows’ pages - and don't forget the amazing StoryTime app and The Bedtime Stories on iPlayer!

What are plug-ins?

A plug-in is a small computer programme that helps you see, listen and play games, videos and sounds on the CBeebies website. All the plug-ins you would need for the CBeebies website are free to download and use.

Why don’t some games work on my Android device?

Mobile devices often come with several different mobile browsers installed and not all of them will run our games. If you have a problem loading certain CBeebies games, try them in a different mobile browser.

Why can’t I watch CBeebies website video content or play games from overseas?

Access to the BBC's website is restricted, meaning that overseas users are prevented from seeing content on This is because unfortunately many programmes have broadcast rights restrictions which don't allow us to show CBeebies programmes and content to people outside the UK.

In addition, broadband content is expensive for the BBC to stream, so we have to give priority to people within the UK, who ultimately bear the cost of us doing this through their licence fee. However, as more and more people outside the UK are starting to watch CBeebies from abroad, there is an international website at, which is steadily growing and may provide some of the content you are missing.

I am in the UK, but get an error message saying that I am not

Sometimes even though you're in the UK, it's possible you may see a message saying you're not. This could be because your computer is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas without you knowing. Some computer programs, such as web accelerators, can also cause your computer’s unique IP (Internet Protocol) address to appear as if it is outside the UK.

For rights and licensing reasons, our BBC technology system only recognises IP addresses provided by UK-based internet service providers (ISPs). If a CBeebies activity doesn't recognise your IP address at all, then you won't be able to play, stream or download the activity. You may find this problem occurs elsewhere, beyond CBeebies.

What can I do about it?

Occasionally it may simply be a network error, so it's worth closing your browser and turning your broadband/network router box off and on. This may get you a new UK-based IP address.

If this doesn’t work, you must contact your internet service provider (ISP) as only they can register your address. If your ISP has registered with the appropriate databases, our servers will update on the next regular refresh. You will have to wait until that time before you can play. Please do keep trying us on a regular basis to see if the situation has changed.

Why am I now seeing an error message saying I’m outside the UK, when I wasn’t previously?

Sometimes your internet service provider (ISP) will allocate you a new IP address, or will carry out maintenance work that means you are given a new IP address. In some cases, this IP address will not yet be registered by your ISP as being in the United Kingdom, and as such CBeebies will no longer recognise you as being in the UK, even if you are. This is something your ISP is best placed to fix, so you must contact your ISP as they alone can register your address.

Why has my child’s favourite CBeebies show gone from the website?

With brand new CBeebies shows and characters arriving on the website and the CBeebies channel all the time, we sometimes need to remove older shows in order to make it easier for our young audience to find their way around the website and to enable our team better focus resources on supporting new and innovative content. Shows are also occasionally removed from the CBeebies website because they are no longer licensed by CBeebies.

We always try to balance our online offering so that it includes a range of CBeebies shows that work well online, and appeal to children of different ages and needs.

Why are some games and activities not available on the CBeebies website?

Sometimes content needs to be removed from the website because the brand is no longer licensed by us and we have to take down any relevant content, sometimes it is because technology has moved on and we are trying to fix the game - we always try to bring back as many as possible.

If your child is struggling to cope with the change, we suggest you spend a little time sitting with them and exploring the rest of the website. Who knows – you may find a new favourite! You can also read our Grown-ups article on Helping Children Deal with Change

Should you access a game or activity where the page looks 'blank', it does not necessarily mean that the page is broken. It just means that the content has been removed. On the few occasions where we need to remove content, we also remove direct access to them by amending our menu pages so that the risk of you accessing a missing piece of content is minimised.

Legal or 'rights' issues can also mean we are unable to provide theme tunes or other video clips for some brands.

We regret that it is not possible to send any of this content to you.

Why do I see a pop-up on the CBeebies website asking me to accept cookies?

When you go on the CBeebies site you might see a pop-up asking you to accept cookies. CBeebies cookies are completely harmless – we use them (among other technology) to make the site better by remembering what you’ve done already.

For example, the Alphablocks game takes your child to a new word every time and shows them the stickers they’ve already earned, instead of them always having to go back to the beginning. You’ll need to tick continue on the pop-up to get the best experience of the site.

CBeebies (along with nearly every other website) has been using cookies to enhance our site for years but because of new guidelines, sites now have to add the pop-up. You can find out more about cookies on BBC Webwise.

The CBeebies website is telling me to enable JavaScript – what should I do?

Many websites use JavaScript, which is a type of computer language, to work. The CBeebies website needs JavaScript to run correctly. It comes automatically installed with your browser and checking whether it is enabled is relatively easy.

If you are being asked to enable JavaScript please follow the steps below. If you are being told to turn on JavaScript when you already have it enabled, try clearing the cache in your browser or refreshing the web page.

Google Chrome

1. Click the 'Customise and control Google Chrome' button in the top right of the browser.

2. Next click the 'Settings' option.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the tab and click 'Show advanced settings'

4. Under the 'Privacy' settings, click the 'Content settings' button.

5. Next, scroll down to the 'Javascript' heading and check the button next to 'Allow all sites to run JavaScript'.

6. Press the 'Done' button and then reload the page which needs JavaScript.

Internet Explorer

1. Go to the 'Tools' menu in IE and choose 'Internet Options'.

2. Click the 'Security' tab.

3. Make sure the 'Internet Zone' is highlighted and press the 'Custom Level' button to open the security options.

4. Look for the entry near the bottom of the list which says 'Scripting', then 'Active Scripting' and make sure it is enabled.

5. Press 'OK' to close the panels. Now reload the page which needs JavaScript.


1. In Safari, go to the Safari menu and choose 'Preferences'.

2. Click the 'Security' tab.

3. You can check or uncheck both JavaScript here.


1. Go to the 'Firefox' menu in the top left of the browser and select 'Options'.

2. Click the 'Content' tab.

3. Check 'Enable JavaScript' in the main panel and click 'OK'.

Can I download songs, games or stories from the CBeebies website?

It's not possible to download any songs, games or stories from the CBeebies website. You can listen to and join in with many of the songs on the website and some of the music on CBeebies has also been made available on commercial download websites. You can download and take away CBeebies Radio podcasts from the BBC Podcasts page.


Do I need a WiFi connection to access the website when I’m on the go?

We are delighted that our website and digital activities are becoming what we call ‘responsive’ - in other words they should work whether you are on desktop, tablet or a mobile phone.

This is a very big step forward for us and allows the three separate CBeebies websites (desktop, mobile and Grown-ups) to merge into just one bigger, better site. It also allows more compatibility with CBBC who are undergoing similar changes themselves.

This allows you and your child to have fun and access the website, and many of the games and activities, whether you are at home or on the go.

As with all content accessed via a handheld device, you will get the best performance from your mobile browser with a stable WiFi connection. However, you should also be able to enjoy CBeebies games and activities via a 3G connection.

Why do some games and activities not work when I visit the CBeebies website on my handheld device?

The rapid changes in technology are influencing our online habits. Much of the older CBeebies content was built at a time when almost everyone visited the CBeebies website through a desktop computer(for example, a laptop or a home computer). This is especially the case with many of our older games that were never built to work on a phone or a tablet.

However, with such a large portion of the CBeebies audience now visiting the website through handheld devices, we’re working hard to build our new content in such a way that it works responsively. This means that this content will work across both computers and handheld devices.

So while there will still be some games and activities that do not work on your phone or tablet, rest assured that we are working hard to create new and innovative digital content that can be enjoyed by you and child on different devices, at home or on the go.

Why don’t some games work on my Android device?

Mobile devices often come with several different mobile browsers installed and not all of them will run our games. If you have a problem loading certain CBeebies games, try them in a different mobile browser.

Why can’t I play games on my handheld device?

As hard as we might try not all of the mobile devices on the market will support the technology, but we have made every effort to cater for the some of the most recent touch screen mobile devices available.

Will accessing games on the go use up my data allowance?

When you access any streaming data via an internet browser on your tablet or mobile phone (e.g. videos, music or games) this will be distributed through your contracted data allowance with your provider. At CBeebies we try hard to keep file sizes to a minimum but still give you the best possible experience, so that you and your little one can have fun and play CBeebies games on the go.

The games have loaded on the site, but I can’t play them…

CBeebies games are designed and built to be viewed in landscape view on a handheld device to optimise the screen space and usage for our young audience. If you are having difficulties getting the game to start once it has loaded, check to see if your phone is locked in portrait rotation. If it is, simply unlock it, rotate your phone or tablet to landscape and press play.

I am getting an error message that says ‘Media selection request failed’…

For rights reasons some activities on the CBeebies mobile website can only be played in the UK. If you try to watch CBeebies video clips from abroad, you will see an error message which says ‘Media selection request failed’.

If you're in the UK but see a message claiming that you're outside the UK, it's because your data connection is being routed via overseas servers. Try closing your browser and reopening it, and (if applicable) restart your WiFi router – it may be a simple network connection error.

If you're using a public WiFi network (eg. on a train) this may route your connection overseas. Please try again later using a different network.

If you're using the Opera Mini browser, try switching to your phone's default browser. If none of these suggestions help or if you are connected via 3G, please contact your ISP (internet service provider) or network operator.

For rights and licensing reasons, our BBC technology system only recognises IP addresses provided by UK-based internet service providers (ISPs).

If a CBeebies activity doesn't recognise your IP address at all, then you won't be able to play, stream or download the activity. You may find this problem occurs elsewhere, beyond CBeebies.

CBeebies games and iOS7

If you are using Apple iOS7, on any of your mobile devices, you may experience some issues with how CBeebies games display.

Games may not fill the screen if your device is in landscape view and, during game play, the top and bottom toolbars can come into view and obscure your view of some game controls.

We’re aware of this issue, and as a workaround, quickly flipping your device to portrait view then back to landscape should fix the problem.


Why can’t I access the CBeebies Advent Calendar or other event countdowns on my device?

The CBeebies Advent Calendar and other event countdowns are compatible with the following list of core devices and software versions:

iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPhone 4s (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPod Touch 5th (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPad 2 (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPad 3 (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPad 4 (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

iPad Mini (iOS 6.1.3 and above)

Samsung Galaxy SII (2.3 and above)

Samsung Galaxy SIII (4.0.4 and above)

Samsung Galaxy SIV (4.1.1 and above)

CBeebies Games on Google Chrome

Both the Furchester Hotel game and the Time for School 'Mix and Match' game will not play in the Chrome browser, however you can still play both games on the Unity Web Player when installed on Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browsers.

Find out more about the Unity Web Player here.


Why do you have a CBeebies YouTube channel?

There has been a CBeebies Grown-Ups channel available on YouTube since 2010. The previous channel was a free public account, which spoke specifically to grown-ups and had no safety features.

The rebranded CBeebies channel is aimed at a dual audience of adults with children and offers a safe environment where they can enjoy CBeebies content together without the fear of children viewing anything inappropriate. The channel also provides a better opportunity for us to monitor inappropriate uses of CBeebies content appearing elsewhere on YouTube.

The CBeebies YouTube channel aims to deliver inspiring and empowering content that encourages children to dive into the wider world of CBeebies.


How were the languages chosen for The Lingo Show and will more languages be added?

The languages in The Lingo Show were selected to provide a balance between those taught commonly or increasingly in schools and those most prevalently spoken by ethnic groups within the UK.

The original 9 characters featured in the Lingo Show were developed on the CBeebies website where they proved a huge success.

We have so far made 2 television series following up the linguistic exploits of 6 out of the 9 original characters. The choice was based on discussions with BBC Learning who include additional material on their website (series 1 featured the French, Spanish and Mandarin bugs, and series 2 the German, Welsh and Urdu bugs).

While we know it might be frustrating that the language selection is limited, we hope you appreciate we cannot represent every language.

In the future, we hope there may be an opportunity to commission more languages. If that situation arises, we will take all requests for other languages into consideration.

Is there a transcript of…?

CBeebies does not publish transcripts or make them available to the public.

Can you tell me about music, props or locations featured on CBeebies?

Sorry, we are a very small team and cannot answer individual queries. If your question is about music or locations and is not covered by our FAQs , you might like to post your query on the CBeebies Grown-ups Facebook page to see if another viewer can help.

Why are you showing Rastamouse on CBeebies?

CBeebies is very proud to be transmitting Rastamouse which is a colourful animation series about a crime-fighting mouse based on an acclaimed series of books by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster. The Rastamouse books are written in Afro-Caribbean Patois rhyme and this authentic voice has been transferred to the TV series to retain its heart, integrity and distinctive quality.

CBeebies is dedicated to reflecting the lives of all children in this country and Rastamouse will have a particular appeal to Afro-Caribbean children - an under-represented part of our audience. However, the series is highly enjoyable and inclusive and we hope its compelling stories, great music and positive message of 'make a bad ting good' will be enjoyed by all of our viewers.

Can you tell me about old BBC Children’s shows that are no longer on TV?

We cannot answer individual queries about old BBC children's shows, but you may find some useful information on the Classic TV section of the BBC Cult website.

I’d like to visit Balamory, where is it filmed?

Balamory is an imaginary town. However, it had some real inspiration – mainly Tobermory on the island of Mull. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about visiting Tobermory, but you could try the Visit Scotland website for more information (the BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites).

Where is Old Jack’s Boat filmed?

Old Jack’s Boat is filmed in Staithes, near Whitby, on the North East coast of England.

What breed of dog is Salty from Old Jack’s Boat?

Salty is a Hungarian Wire-Haired Viszla.


How do I apply for work experience at CBeebies?

All work experience at the BBC has to be arranged centrally. You can get more information on work experience placements by visiting BBC Work Experience.

I am interested in working at CBeebies…

All current vacancies at the BBC are listed on BBC Careers.

I have an idea for a CBeebies programme, where do I send it?

You should try and develop your idea as far as possible including a clear understanding of the exact target age group, why you think your idea will appeal to them and the unique qualities it has to offer that other programmes are lacking. For up-to-date information on BBC Commissioning, visit the BBC Commissioning website. All programmes must go through the BBC e-commissioning process.

Can you send me some images of CBeebies characters for my school / university project?

We cannot send you, or give you permission to use, any images of CBeebies characters for your project.

Can you send me some information about your programmes or audience for my school / university project?

We cannot send you any research into children or our programmes for your project. Many parents/carers are happy to share their experiences and thoughts on the programming that CBeebies makes for their children; but we do request that the number of posts on the Grown-ups Facebook or Twitter sites asking for help with research projects are kept to a minimum. This is because our social media is a resource for the parents/carers to share their thoughts on CBeebies with each other and the BBC, and repeated requests for research data can disrupt the conversation.

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