Birthdays on CBeebies

Birthdays are always very popular on CBeebies and there are three ways to celebrate birthdays with us:

  • Have your birthday greeting on Interactive TV (this is the BBC Red Button service)
  • Send in a birthday card to CBeebies to possibly be shown on TV
  • Make a personalised online birthday greeting for your child to watch

A birthday message on Interactive TV (BBC Red Button)

To see birthday messages on Interactive TV, press the Red Button whilst watching the CBeebies channel. Choose Birthdays and use the Left and Right arrows to scroll between messages.

We'll always try to feature as many birthday messages as we can, but we can't guarantee that everyone's will be shown. Please note that we have limited space, so your message may be shortened to fit. An example of a message could be: "James, 5 years old, from Mummy, Daddy & Jack".

You can improve the chances of your message appearing by including the following details:

  • Send in your greeting at least a week before the big day.
  • Make sure the subject line of your email reads 'Birthdays mm/dd'
  • Include your child's name, age and who the message is from.

You can email your birthday message to:, writing 'Birthdays mm/dd' (the child's birthday) in the subject field. 

You can also use this email address to send in other Star of the Week messages to mark your child's special achievement.

Alternatively you can post your message details to: 

CBeebies Red Button Birthdays
PO Box 1234
M5 0DN

Please note that this service is currently only available to Sky and Freeview digital viewers

A birthday card on TV

Birthday cards on TV are very popular, and we receive many more birthday cards than we have time to show. We are currently only able to feature around half the cards we receive so we apologise in advance for any disappointment caused. This is why we have other birthday options available, and if you’re sending in a card for TV, we’d strongly recommend also using either Red Button birthdays, or our online Birthday Message generator as a back up.

CBeebies birthday cards are shown 365 days a year, even on Christmas Day! If you are sending a card for a birthday over the Christmas period (mid-December to mid-January), please try to send it 6 weeks before the birthday (rather than the usual four weeks), to allow for busy filming schedules.

To have the best chance of seeing your card on TV, we advise the following:

  • Send your card so that it arrives at least four weeks before the birthday.
  • If possible do not roll the card into a postage tube.
  • Put the first name only and age of the child on the front of your birthday card.
  • Put your message and the date of the birthday on the back, (to avoid personal information being shown on camera).
  • Do not send cards bigger than A2 size.
  • Make sure that your package or envelope is no longer than 61cm and no wider than 46cm (the dimensions of a medium parcel).
  • Make sure the card is landscape shape (wide) as opposed to portrait (tall) as this is better for TV.
  • If you decorate the cards with TV characters, please make sure that you only use CBeebies ones as commercial images cannot be used for copyright reasons.
  • Please make sure that there are no logos or anything identifiable on the child's clothes (such as a school jumper).

Post your card to:

PO Box 1234
M5 0DN

We're sorry but we cannot return cards, let you know if your card will be shown, or provide any recordings.

When cards are read out on TV

If you are recording CBeebies Birthdays the best thing to do is record the programmes either side to be certain of getting the birthdays. See below for details.

This information is updated each Friday evening for the new week beginning on Saturday, so please check back from the Friday evening before the week in which you're hoping to catch a card!

Weekend - Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November 2015

7.00am between Dinopaws and Raa Raa The Noisy Lion

10.25am between Mike The Knight and Everything’s Rosie

12.45pm between Balamory and Grandpa In My Pocket

2.20pm between Something Special Out and About and Meet The Kittens 

4.00pm between Swashbuckle: Message in a Bottle and Justin's House

Weekdays - Monday 30th November to Friday 4th December 2015

7:00am between Dinopaws and Raa Raa The Noisy Lion

10.30am between Alphablocks and The Lingo Show

12.45pm between Balamory and Grandpa In My Pocket

2.30pm between Alphablocks and The Lingo Show (on Tuesday 1st December this will be a repeat of the birthdays shown at 10.30am)

3.55pm between Charlie and Lola and Boj

Online Birthday Message Generator

You can also create a personal message from the Presenters for your little one with the help of our Birthday Message Generator. You can select either Cerrie or Alex to read out a Happy Birthday message directly to your child, then they can sing along to the Birthday Song with some of their CBeebies favourites and play a fun game.

Create your own birthday message!

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